Linux Admin Interview Questions

Every command in Linux is a?
executable program

How long can a filename in Linux be?
255 characters

What is the shortcut to the login directory?
cd + enter key
The hierarchy of a series of directories branching in a user system starts from
Saving open files, flush the system cache and other necessary system maintenance are allowed by.
logging off the system.

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Which directory contains configuration files that stores system and application setting?

Which command is used to find data files, programs, directories that match the search argument?
Applications written to provide a GUI shell for Unix and Linux are called?
x windows

The advantage of using NFS rather than Samba for file sharing in Linux is
Correct answer: compatibility with Windows file sharing

Which framework is provided for the programs to interchange information about Linux OS?
Resource Definition Framework

To implement new application on IBM z/10. Which of the following options need to be considered if it to be implemented in Linux?
Correct answer: Red Hat Linux does not support all the devices supported by IBM z/OS

Which of the following has greater market share of Linux SW/HW environment?
Linux on z10

Which of the following commands can be run to remove all the rules in an iptables table?
iptables -F

Which of the following is the BEST way to set up SSH (Secure Shell) for communicating between Systems without needing passwords?
Use ssh-keygen for generating public-private keys.

How much usable space is available, when a Linux system is configured with a RAID 5 arrays that consists of six 20 GB hard disk drives?

What is the difference between Linux and UNIX?
If any operating system follows the UNIX protocols then we can say that it is a Unix operating system. E.g. BSD, HP-AX etc. In case of Linux, actually Linux is a kernel which is most important part of operating system. Operating system comprised kernel, device drivers, desktop, other application etc. so, Linux is not an operating system, it is just a kernel which operating system uses like Red hat Linux, Open Sues etc. This operating system uses Linux kernel so, we can say that these operating systems are Linux.

What is sed?
Sed is a stream editor used to parse and transform the text. Sed does specified operations line by line on each line of input file or stream. Sed script either command line script or separate file.

Is sed command edit file?
Yes. Sed command can edit the file. But this feature is available in Linux like operating only. This feature is not available in Solaris.

What is NFS port number and main configuration file?
NFS service is using 2049 port and its main configuration file is /etc/exports.

What is port number for https?
Https port number is 443.