Oracle Apps Technical interview Questions and Answers

Which are the kinds of report triggers?

There are mainly five different kinds of report triggers available. They are

Before report
After report
Before parameter form
After parameter form
Between pages

What is the firing sequence related with report triggers?

The sequence related with firing is as follows before parameter form, after parameter form, before the report, between pages and after report.

What is the purpose of cursors in PL/SQL?

The cursor can be made used for the purpose of handling various row – query associated with PL/SQL. Implicit cursors are available for the purpose of handling all the queries related with oracle. The memory spaces that are unnamed are used by oracle for storing the data that can be used with implicit cursors.

Define record group?

Record group can be considered as a concept used for the purpose of holding sql query that is associated with list related with values. Record group consists of static data and also can access data inside tables of database through sql queries.

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What is a FlexField?

This is a kind of field associated with oracle apps that are used for capturing information related with the organization.

Is there any possibility for having custom schema at any time when it is required?

You have the provision for having custom schema at the time of creating table.

What is the concurrent program?

Concurrent programs are instances that need to be executed along with incompatibles and parameters.

Define application top?

Application tops are found when we are connecting to server. There are two types of application tops available they are product top and custom top. Product top is the kind of top that is built in default by manufacturer. Custom top can be chosen by the client, and any number of custom tops can be created as per the requirement of the client.

Explain about the procedures that are compulsory in the case of procedures?

There are number of parameters which are mandatory in the case of procedures and each of these parameters has a specific job associated with it.

Errorbuf: This is the parameter used for returning error messages and for sending that to log file.
Retcode: This is the parameter capable of showing the status associated with a procedure. 0, 1 and 2 are the status displayed by this parameter. 0 is used for indicating completed normal status, 1 defines completed warning status and 2 is the one denoting completed with error.

What is a token?

Token is used for transferring values towards report builder. Tokens are usually not case – sensitive.

What is the menu?

Menu can be defined as a hierarchical arrangement associated with functions of the system.

What is Function?

Function is the smaller part of the application and that is defined inside menu.

Define SQL Loader?

Sql loader is a utility resembling a bulk loader for the purpose of moving data that are present in external files towards the oracle database.

How to register concurrent program with oracle apps?

There are certain steps that you need to follow for the purpose of registering concurrent program.

The first step is to log in to your system with the responsibility of the system administrator.

The next step is to define executable concurrent program.

While defining concurrent program do take care to give application name, short name and description along with the selection of executable concurrent program.

Define set – of books?

SOB can be defined as the collection of charts associated with accounts, currency and calendars.

What is a value set?

Value set is used for the purpose of containing the values. In the case of a value set getting associated with report parameters, a list containing values are sent to the user for accepting one among the values in the form of parameter values.

Define the Types of validation?

There are various kinds of validation.

None: this is the indication of minimal validation.

Independent: Input should be there in the list of – values that are defined previously.

Dependent: According to the previous value, input is compared with a subset of values.

Table: Input is checked on the basis of values that exist in the application table.

Special: These are the values that make use of flex field.

Pair: A pair can be defined as the set of values that make use of flex fields.

Translated Independent: This is a kind of value that can be made used only if there is any existence for the input in the list that is defined previously.

Translatable dependent: In this kind of validation rules that compare the input with the subset of values associated with the previously defined list.

Define Template?

Template is a kind of form that is very much required before the creation of any other type of forms. It is a kind of form that incorporates attachments that are platform independent and associated with a particular library.

Which are the attachments that are platform independent and become a part of the template?

There are several attachments that are part of the template form.

APPSCORE:  This is a kind of attachment that comprises of packages as well as procedures which are useful for all the different forms for the purpose of creating toolbars, menus etc.

APPSDAYPK: This attachment contains packages that are helpful in controlling the applications associated with oracle.

FNDSQF: This attachment has various procedures as well as packages for flex fields, profiles, message dictionary and also concurrent processing.

CUSTOM: This attachment is helpful in extending the application forms of oracle without causing any modification related with the application code. There are various kinds of customization including zoom.

Define Ad-hoc reports?

This is a kind of report that is made used for fulfilling the reporting needs of a particular time.

What is the Definition of responsibility?

Responsibility is the method through which the group of various modules can be made in a format accessible by users.

Define Autonomous transaction?

This is a kind of transaction that is independent of another transaction. This kind of transaction allows you in suspending the main transaction and helps in performing SQL operations, rolling back of operations and also committing them. The autonomous transactions do not support resources, locks or any kind of commit dependencies that are part of main transaction.

Which are the types of Triggers?

There are various kinds of triggers associated with forms and they are

Key triggers
Error triggers
Message triggers
Navigational triggers
Query – based triggers
Transactional triggers

What is the purpose of Temp tables in interface programs?

These are the kinds of tables that can be used for the purpose of storing intermediate values or data.

Where to define the parameters in the report?

The parameters can be defined inside the form of concurrent program, and there is no need for registering the parameters but you may need to register the set of values that are associated with the parameters.

Define the steps for customizing form?

You need to make use of the following steps for the purpose of customizing forms.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to copy the files template.fmb as well as Appsatnd.fmb from AU_TOP/forms/us and paste that inside custom directory. By doing this the library associated with this task get copied by it’s own.

You can now create the forms you want and customize them.

Do not forget to save the created forms inside the modules where they need to be located.

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Define about Key Flexfiled ?

Key flexfiled is a unique identifier and is usually stored inside segment, and there are two different attributes associated with this which are flexfiled qualifier and segment qualifier.

Define uses of Key Flexfield ?

This is a unique identifier for the purpose of storing information related with key. It also helps in entering as well as displaying information related with key.

Define Descriptive FlexField ?

This is a kind of flexfield that is mainly used for the purpose of capturing additional information, and it is stored in the form of attributes. Descriptive flexfield is context sensitive.

List some uses of DFF (Descriptive Flex Field) ?

This is a kind of flexfield that is mainly used for gathering extra information and also for providing space for you to form and get expanded.

Define MRC ( Multiple Reporting Currency)?

Multiple – Reporting Currency is a kind of feature that is associated with oracle application and helps in reporting as well as maintaining records that are associated with the transaction level in various forms of functional currency.

Define FSG ( Financial Statement Generator) ?

This is a kind of tool that is highly powerful as well as flexible and helps in building reports that are customized without depending on programming. This tool is only available with GL.

Define Oracle Suite?

Oracle suite is the one that comprises of oracle apps as well as software associated with analytical components.

Define ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ?

ERP is a software system that is available as a package and can be helpful in automating as well as integrating most of the processes associated with the business.

What is a datalink?

Datalink can be made used for the purpose of relating the results that are associated with various different queries.

How to attain parameter value depending on the first parameter?

Second parameter can be attained by making use of the first parameter by making use of the command $flex$value set name.

Define data group?

Data group can be defined as the group of applications related with oracle.

Explain about security attributes?

Security attributes can be made used by Oracle for allowing the particular rows containing data visible to the users.

Define about Profile Option?

Profile option comprises of set of options that are helpful in defining the appearance as well as behavior of the application.

Explain about application?

Application can be defined as the set of menus, forms and functions.

Where do we use Custom.pll?

Custom.pll can be used during the process of making customized or new oracle forms.

Where are tables created?

Tables can be created at custom schema.


Collection of Chat of Accounts and Currency and Calendars is named thus

However will u decision a customary interface program from SQL or PLSQL code?


PL/SQL hold on procedure parameters? or what are the 2 parameters that are obligatory for PL/SQL sort synchronous  program?

Procedure/function (ERRBUF OUT RETCODE OUT ………………….)

ERRBUF :- wont to write the error message to log or request file.

RETCODE :- Populate log request file with program submission details information.

What’s price Set?

  1. the worth set could be an assortment (or) instrumentality of values.
  2. once ever the worth set related to any report parameters. It provides list of prices to the tip user to simply accept one in all the values as report parameter value.
  3. If the list of values required being dynamic and ever dynamical and outlining a table primarily based values set.

What r the validation types?

1) None ——– validation is marginal.

2) Freelance ——input should exist on antecedence outlined list of values

3) Dependent ——input is checked against a set of prices supported a previous value.

4) Table —– input is checked against values in associate degree application table

5) Special ——values set uses a flex field itself.

6) Combine —— 2 flex fields along specify a variety of valid values.

7) Translatable freelance —– input should exist on antecedence outlined list

of values; translated values will be used.

8) Translatable dependent ——- input is checked against a set of values

Based on a previous prices; translated value will be used.

What’s template?

  1. a) The temp-let type is that the needed place to begin for all development of latest Forms.
  2. b) The temp-let type includes platform–independent attachments of many Libraries.

APPSCORE :- It contains package and procedures that are needed of all forms to support the MENUS ,TOOLBARS.

APPSDAYPK :- It contains packages that management the oracle applications CALENDER options.

FNDSQF :- it contains packages and procedures for MESSAGE DICTONARY, FLEX FIELDS, PROFILES AND synchronous  process.

CUSTOM :- it permits extension of oracle applications forms without modification of oracle application code, you’ll be able to use the custom library for internalization similar to zoom ( similar to moving to a different type and querying up specific records)

What are ad-choc reports?

Ad-choc Report is created to fulfil one-time reportage desires. involved with or shaped for a selected purpose. as an instance, accidental tax codes or a poster choc info question

What’s responsibility?

Is assortment of menus, request security teams and information teams

Menus: assortment of forms is nothing however menus

Request security groups: assortment of programs.

Data clusters: could be a group of modules to be created accessible by the user through Responsibility

System admin

Oracle E-Business suite?

Oracle EBS suite consists of Supply chain, Financial, Human resources and CRM modules containing all business modules.

What’s multi org?

“Legal entity has over one operational unit is termed as multi org”

  1. Business cluster — Human resources data is secured by Business cluster
  2. Legal entity. — Inter-company and fiscal/tax news.

Operating unit.

  1. Operational unit — secures AR, OE, AP, PA and PO data.
  2. Organizations — may be a specialize unit of labour at explicit locations

What’s ERP? Design of apps?

A per-packaged business software package that lets a corporation alter and integrate the bulk of its business processes; share common information and practices across the enterprise; [and] manufacture and access data in a very period of time surroundings.

Data Link

  1. Information links relate the results of multiple queries.
  2. a knowledge link (Parent – kid Relation Ship) causes the kid question to be dead once for every instance of its parent cluster.

During which tables FF are stored?

  1. FND – ID – FLEXS

Oracle Applications design

Internet computing design may be a frame work for 3-tired, distributed computing that supports Oracle Applications merchandise.

The 3 tiers are

  1. information Base Tier
  2. Application Tier
  3. table high Tier

– information tier manages Oracle 8i information.

– Application tier manages Oracle Applications and different tools.

– Desktop tier provides the computer programme displace.

– With web computing design, solely the presentation layer of Oracle Applications is on the table high tier within the variety of a plug-in to a typical web brows

List of some API?S








The way to get second parameter worth supported 1st parameter?

$flee x $ worth set name.

By victimisation FND_STANDARD API?S


Provides data concerning the shape.

Should be known as kind when new form – instance – instance trigger.

FND standard. Set who

loads World Health Organization columns with correct user data.

Should be known as from PRE_UPDTE and PRE_INSERT

Triggers for every block with World Health Organization fields

If this can be used FIND-GLOBAL needn’t be known as. (FND_GLOBAL.WHO)


This is a operate that returns date.

Behave precisely like SYSDATE inherent.


This is a operate that returns varchar2

Behaves precisely like in-built USER.


  10. APP_REGION seven


  4. FND_ORG

The way to register a table and columns through back end?

  1. by victimisation AD_DD package for registering a table
  2. AD_DD compactness doesn’t check for the existence of the registered table or column within the information base schema, however solely updates the desired SQL tables.
  3. It ought to be ensured that, all the tables and columns registered exist truly and have identical format as that outlined victimisation AD_DD API.
  4. Views needn’t be registered.


(application in varchar2 default null,

Program in varchar2 default null,

description in varchar2 default null,

start-time in varchar2 default null,

sub request in book an default False,



argument 100) come number;

  1. If this can be submitted from oracle forms, all the arguments ( one to one hundred ) should be specified .

What’s the rationale for not obtaining any knowledge once a multi org read is quire?

  1. to induce the info properly, the xxx-ALL should be documented and therefore the ORG_ID price ought to be specified to extract portioned knowledge.
  2. Multi-organ views area unit partitioned off by victimization ORG_ID.
  3. thus access through multi-organ views won’t come any roes, because the CLIENT_INFO price isn’t set
  4. Use HR_OPERATING UNITS to spot the organization obviate the OU on that question is predicated.
  5. Use FND_CLIENT_INFO package to line the worth in shopper INPO victimization set-org-contest.
  6. Execute find-client-info. Set-org-context („?);
  7. currently querying of multi-organ views may be done.

However does one notice that mulier is installed?

  1. Multi organization design is supposed to permit multiple firms or subsidiaries to store their records with in a very single knowledge base.
  2. Multiple organization design permits this by partitioning knowledge through views in APPS schema.
  3. Implementation of Multi org usually includes quite one business cluster.

To know whether or not multi-organ is existing or not

select multi or flag

form find-product-groups)

  1. If the result’s „Y? suggests that the info is cluster for multi-organ

What area unit Handlers?

Handler could be a cluster of packaged  procedures that is employed by Oracle Applications to arrange . PL/SQL code in forms.

  1. Handlers offer some way to modify the code in order that it becomes easier to develop, maintain and rectify.
  2. The packaged procedures accessible AN exceedingly in a very} handler area unit referred to as type the triggers by passing the name of the trigger as an argument for the procedure to method.

Handlers area unit sorts :-

  1. a) Item Handlers
  2. b) Event Handlers
  3. c) Table Handlers
  4. d) Business Rules
  5. Handlers reside in program units within the type or in hold on packed within the info.

What’s a knowledge Group?

  1. A knowledge cluster could be a cluster of oracle applications and therefore the Oracle ID? s of every application
  2. Oracle ID grants access privileges to tables in associate Oracle info
  3. Knowledge cluster determines that Oracle knowledge base accounts a responsibilities forms, co-occurring programs and reports hook up with.

What area unit security Attributes?

Security Attributes area unit employed by Oracle self-service internet Applications to permit rows information of knowledge of information} to be visible to such as users responsibilities supported the precise data contained within the row.

What’s a Profile Option?

  1. Profile choices area unit the set of changeable choices that affects however the applying appearance and behaves.
  2. By setting profile choices, the applications are often created to react in numerous ways that for various users looking on the precise user attributes.

What area unit steps concerned in developing a flex field?

  1. coming up with the table structure
  2. making fields on the shape (Visible/Hidden)
  3. job acceptable routines
  4. Registration of the flex field.
  5. Definition of the flex field.

What are AN application /Module?

Application could be an assortment of forms, operate and menus

What area unit the kinds of synchronic Managers twenty five

Three MASTER synchronic MANAGERS:

  1. Internal Concurrent Manager (ICM): this is often the one that monitors all alternative CMs
  2. commonplace Manager (SM) : This takes care of report running and batch jobs
  3. Conflict Resolution Manager (CRM): checks synchronic program definitions for incompatibility checks.

We cannot delete a synchronic manager… however we are able to disable it… however it’s not suggested.

Multi org discovered

Begin dams-application-info. Set-client-info(‘ORG_ID’);


What’s the relation between Responsibility, Menu and Request Group?

Responsibility: – A responsibility could be a set of authority in Oracle Apps that lets users access solely that practicality of the applying acceptable to their roles.

Menu: – A menu could be a ranked arrangement of functions and menus of functions that seems within the Navigator. every responsibility encompasses a menu assigned  to that.

Request Group: – it’s a group of reports or synchronic programs. A computer user defines report teams so as to manage user access to reports and synchronic programs. solely a computer user will produce a call for participation cluster.

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What’s a operate, a way to produce one?

A operate is a part of AN applications practicality that’s registered underneath a novel name for the aim of distribution to that to, or excluding it from, a menu (and by extension, responsibility). There are a unit many styles of functions: – kind Functions, Sub-functions, and

Non-form functions. we regularly check with a kind operate merely as a kind.

What’s meant by APPL_TOP?

Environment variable

An software package variable that describes a side of the setting within which your application runs. to Illustrate, you’ll be able to outline AN setting variable to specify a directory path. 26

$APPL_TOP: A setting variable that denotes the installation directory for Oracle Application Object Library and your alternative Oracle applications. $APPL_TOP is typically one directory level on top of every of the merchandise directories (which area unit usually cited as $PROD_TOP or $PRODUCT_TOP or $_TOP).


Justify in brief wherever area unit the Custom, Forms, Reports, SQL Loader management files, Shell Script ASCII text file and executable files kept?

Custom – $AU_TOP/resource

Forms – $PROD_TOP/Forms/US

Reports – $PROD_TOP/Reports/US

SQL management Files – $PROD_TOP/Bin

Shell Scripts – $PROD_TOP/Bin

Once is Custom used?

Custom is employed whereas creating new or customizing commonplace oracle forms in apps. It contains all the forms libraries for apps.

What area unit profile options; at what levels will these be set?

A user profile could be a set of changeable choices that affects the approach the applications run. Oracle

Applications object Library establishes a price for every choice during a user?s profile once the

User logs on or changes responsibility.

System Profile: – Profile choice are often set for the user community.

User Profile: – give Oracle Apps with commonplace info that describes a user,

Application, Responsibility and web site. At every profile level user profile choices are often set.

However are you able to apprehend {the kind the shape} (fmb) name after you open a form in Apps?


Wherever does one produce a table and sequence in Apps? Is it APPS schema?

In custom schema so grant privileges on that to APPS schema.

Wherever area unit Views and Procedures created?

Views: – Views area unit to be created solely in APPS.

Procedures: – In custom schema and therefore the grant it to APPS schema.

What’s the approach {to create to make to kind} a brand new form to be employed in Oracle Apps?

The guide kind is that the needed place to begin of all development of latest forms. Start

Developing every new kind by repetition the guide file, located in

$AU_TOP/forms/US(or your language and platform equivalent), to native directory and

Rename it as acceptable.

Justify worth Set? Distinction between a Table valid and freelance worth Set?

A set of values against that Oracle Application Object Library validates values your finish users enter once running your program. You outline your worth set by specifying validation twenty eight rules, format constraints and alternative properties. to Illustrate, you may outline a price set to contain values that area unit character strings, valid from a table in your application. You’ll be able to Specify that oracle application Object Library use an equivalent worth set to validate completely different Report parameters. you’ll be able to conjointly use worth sets that you just use in your flex fields to validate Your report parameters.

However does one produce a table valid worth set addicted to another worth set?

Use :$FLEX$. within the wherever condition.

However does one set the operational unit context during a report?


DBMS-application-info. Set-client-info();


Are you able to submit a synchronic request from the software package directly?

Write a Shell script.

Login to information

Run the operate FIND-REQUEST. Submit()

Make a case for a way to generate a trace file for a PL/SQL synchronic program for tuning?

Check the? Enable Trace? check box up synchronic program registration window.

However does one “write” to the synchronic request Log and Output file?


What’s the distinction between in operation Unit and Inventory Organization?

Operating Unit :- a company that uses Oracle money management, Order management and Shipping Execution, Oracle liabilities, Oracle buying, and Oracle assets. it should be a sales workplace, a division, or a dept. associate degree in operation unit is related to a legal entity. Data is secured by in operation unit for these applications. every user sees data just for their in operation unit. To run any of those applications, you decide on a responsibility related to a company classified as associate degree in operation unit.

an organization that you track inventory transactions and balances, and/or a company that manufactures or distributes product. Examples, embrace (but don’t seem to be restricted to) producing plants, warehouses, distribution centres, and sales offices. The subsequent applications secure data by inventory organization: Oracle inventory, Bills of fabric, Engineering, and add method, Master Scheduling/MRP, Capacity, and buying receiving functions. To run any of those applications, you want to opt for a company that has been classified as a listing organization.

What’s Item Validation Organization?

The organization that contains your master list of things. You outline it by setting the OM: Item Validation Organization parameter. you want to outline all things and bills in your Item Validation Organization, however you furthermore might have to be compelled to maintain your things and bills in separate organizations if you would like to ship them from different warehouses.

What’s the distinction between key flex field and Descriptive flex field?

Key Flex field is employed to explain distinctive identifiers that may have a more robust which means than victimization variety IDs. e.g. a vicinity variety, a value centre etc Dec Flex is employed to simply capture additional data. Key Flex fields have qualifiers whereas Dec Flex fields don’t. Dec Flex fields will have context sensitive segments whereas Key flex fields cannot.

And an added different that KFF displays like text item however DFF displays like [ ] .

That procedure ought to be referred to as to alter a DFF during a form?


That procedure ought to be wont to create the DFF scan solely at run time?


What’s the distinction between flex field qualifier and phase qualifier?

Flex filed qualifier identifies segment during a flex field and phase qualifier identifies price during a phase.

There are a unit four varieties of flex filed qualifier

1) equalization phase qualifier

2) value centre

3) natural account and

4) inter company

Segment qualifier :-

1) Enable budgeting

2) Enable posting

3) Account kind

4) Central account and

5) Reconciliation flag

Wherever do synchronic request log-files and output files go?

The synchronic manager initial appearance for the surroundings variable $APPLCSF If this is often set, it creates a path victimization 2 different surroundings variables: $APPLLOG and $APPLOUT It places log files in $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG Output files enter $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT therefore maybe, if you have got this surroundings set: $APPLCSF = /u01/app/common $APPLLOG = log $APPLOUT = out The synchronic manager can place log files in /u01/app/common/log, and output files in /u01/app/common/out Note that $APPLCSF should be a full, absolute path, and therefore the different 2 area unit directory names. If $APPLCSF isn’t set, it places the files underneath the merchandise high of the applying related to the request. therefore maybe, a PO report would go underneath $PO_TOP/$APPLLOG and $PO_TOP/$APPLOUT Log files go to: /u01/app/Po/9.0/log Output files to: /u01/app/Po/9.0/out after all, of these directories should exist and have the proper permissions. Note that everyone synchronic requests turn out a log file, however not essentially associate degree computer file.

However do I check if Multi-org is installed?


If MULTI_ORG_FLAG is ready to ‘Y’, then its Multi Org.

Why will Help->Tools->Examine raise a password?

Navigate to the Update System Profile Screen.

(navigate profile system)

  1. Choose Level: website
  2. Question up Utilities: Diagnostics within the User Profile choices Zone.

If the profile choice Utilities: Diagnostics is ready to NO, folks with access to the Utilities Menu should enter the secret for the ORACLE ID of the present responsibility to use Examine. If set to affirmative, a secret won’t be needed.

However associate degree API is initialized ?

apps.gems_public_a pis_pkg.find_apps_initialize

( user_id => p_user_id , resp_id => p_resp_id , resp_app_id => p_resp_app_id)

What square measure the supported versions of Forms and Reports used for developing on Oracle Applications unharnessed 11?

The following supported versions square measure provided in Developer/2000

Release 1.6.1:

  1. Forms 4.5
  2. Reports 2.5

What are Responsibility / Request Group?

Responsibility is employed for security reason like that Responsibility will do what kind of jobs etc.

Set of Responsibility is hooked up with a call for participation cluster. After we attach the request cluster to a simultaneous program, which will be perform exploitation all the Responsibilities those square measure hooked up with Request cluster.

What’s DFF?

The Descriptive Flex i field could be a field that we will customize to enter further info that Oracle Apps product has not provided a field.

Ex. adenosine triphosphate program calculates for those warehouses wherever Inventory Org sort is DC or Warehouse in DFF Attribute11 of MTL_PARAMETERS table.

What’s multi-org?

It is information security practicality in Oracle ten.6 and higher than. Applicable User responsibilities square measure created and hooked up to specific operational Unit. User will access the info that belongs to the operational unit they login beneath. 40

The profit is it permits multiple operational units to use one installation of assorted modules, whereas keeping dealings information separate and secure by operational unit.

It has an impression on the subsequent modules:

  1. Order Entry
  2. Receivable
  3. Payable
  4. Purchasing
  5. Project Accounting

What’s the interface Table?

Interface Table could be a table that is employed as medium for transfer of knowledge between 2 systems.

What’s invoice?

Letter of invitation sent for payment

What’s inward and OUT BOUND? (Different forms of interfaces)

Inbound Interface:

For inward interfaces, wherever these product area unit the destination, interface tables further as supporting validation, processing, and maintenance programs area unit provided.

Outgoing Interface:

For outgoing interfaces, wherever this product area unit the supply, information views area unit give and therefore the destination application ought to provide the validation, processing, and maintenance programs.

What’s the procedure to develop associate degree interface?          

First we’ll get the need document.

We will produce management file supported that plot file.

Then the management files that hundreds the information into staging tables.

Through PL/SQL programs we’ll mapping and validate the information then dump into the interface tables.

Through the quality programs we’ll push the information from interface tables to Base tables.

What square measure the User PARAMETERS within the Reports?



What area unit totally different co-occurring requests?

a) Single request: this enables you to submit a personal request.

b) Request set: this enables you to submit a defined set of requests.

What area unit the activities in Sys Admin Module?

  1. a) outline Custom Users
  2. b) Outline Login Users
  3. c) Register oracle dB users
  4. d) Outline co-occurring Programs
  5. e) Register co-occurring feasible
  6. f) Setting Profile choice Values
  7. g) Outline Request sorts.

What activities are often performed in AOL?

  1. a) Registering table
  2. b) Registering views
  3. c) Registering dB sequences
  4. d) Registering profile choices
  5. e) Registering operations and look-up codes
  6. f) Registering forms
  7. g) Registering kind and Non-Form functions
  8. i) Registering menus and sub-menus
  9. j) Registering DFF and KFF
  10. k) Libraries

What area unit the kind Models within the system parameters of the report?

1) Bit map

2) Character mode

What’s Place holder Column?                                                  

A placeholder may be a column is associate degree empty instrumentation at style time. The placeholder will hold a worth at run time has been calculated and placed in thereto by pl/sql code from reproductive structure object. you’ll set the worth of a placeholder column is in a very Before Report trigger. Store a brief worth for future reference. EX. Store this Georgia home boy earnings as records square measure retrieved.

What’s Formula Column?

A formula column performs a user-defined computation on column information, together with placeholder columns.

What’s an outline column?             

A outline column performs a computation on another column’s information. victimization the Report Wizard or information Wizard, you’ll produce the subsequent total Aries:  sum, average, count, minimum, maximum, % total. you’ll conjointly produce an outline column manually within the information Model read, and use the Property Palette to form the subsequent extra summaries: 1st, last, variance, variance.

What’s cursor?

A pointer may be a pointer that works on active set, I.e. that points to just one row at a time within the context area’s ACTIVE SET. A pointer may be a construct of PL/SQL, wont to method multiple rows employing a PL/SQL block.

What is meant by Request group?

It is nothing however assortment of cc programs.

What’s Application Top? What are the kinds and Purpose?

When we connect with the server we are going to notice high the highest} referred to as application top. Beneath application prime we’ve got

Product prime.

Custom top

Product prime is that the default prime designed by the manufacturer. Custom prime is employed to pick out the shopper for his business functions. Customizations are finished the Custom prime.

What’s U.S.A. folder within the Custom Top?

It is a language specific folder wont to store the G.U.I like reports and forms.

What are necessary parameters of Procedures and what the employment of those?

Error: it’s wont to returns the error messages and sent it to the log file.

Re-code: it’s wont to show the standing of the Procedure with zero, 1, and a couple of zero for Completed traditional

1 for Completed Warning

2 for Completed Error

What’s Apps Schema and Schema?

Schema: Schema is that the location in info contains info objects like views, tables, and synonyms.

Apps Schema: it’s wont to connect the all sachems to urge the knowledge from The info.

What’s Token?

Use to transfer values to report builder and it’s not case sensitive.

Report registration process?

  1. Produce the report victimization the report builder.
  2. Place the report definition get into the module specific reports directory.
  3. Produce Associate in nursing viable for the report definition file.
  4. Produce a coinciding program to it viable.
  5. Associate the coinciding program to letter of invitation cluster.

Which are the styles of report triggers?

There are in the main 5 completely different styles of report triggers on the market. They are

Before report

After report

Before parameter type

After parameter type

Between pages

What’s the firing sequence connected with report triggers?

The sequence connected with firing is as follows before parameter type, once parameter type, before the report, between pages and once report.

Outline record group?

Record cluster will be thought of as a plan used for the aim of holding SQL question that’s related to list connected with values. Record cluster consists of static knowledge and can also access knowledge within tables of info through SQL queries.

What’s a Flex Field?

This is a sort of field related to oracle apps that area unit used for capturing info connected with the organization.

Is there any chance for having custom schema at any time once it’s required?

You have the supply for having custom schema at the time of making table.

What’s the menu?

Menu will be outlined as a class-conscious arrangement related to functions of the system.

What’s Function?

Function is that the smaller a part of the appliance which is outlined within menu.

What’s the Definition of responsibility?

Responsibility is that the technique through that the cluster of varied modules is created in an exceedingly format accessible by users.

Outline Autonomous transaction?

This is a form of dealing that’s freelance of another dealing. this sort of dealing permits you in suspending the most dealing and helps in performing arts SQL operations, rolling back of operations and additionally committing them. The autonomous transactions don’t support resources, locks or any reasonably commit dependencies that are a part of main dealing.

Outline Ad-ho reports?

This is a sort of report that’s created used for fulfilling the news desires of a selected time.

List some uses of DFF (Descriptive Flex Field) ?

This is a kind of flex field that is mainly used for gathering extra information and also for providing space for you to form and get expanded.

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Define MRC (Multiple Reporting Currencies)?

Multiple – Reporting Currency is a kind of feature that is associated with oracle application and helps in reporting as well as maintaining records that are associated with the transaction level in various forms of functional currency.

Define FSG (Financial Statement Generator) ?

This is a kind of tool that is highly powerful as well as flexible and helps in building reports that are customized without depending on programming. This tool is only available with GL.

Define Oracle Suite?

Oracle suite is the one that comprises of oracle apps as well as software associated with analytical components.

Define ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ?

ERP is a software system that is available as a package and can be helpful in automating as well as integrating most of the processes associated with the business.

What is a data-link?

Data-link can be made used for the purpose of relating the results that are associated with various different queries.

How to attain parameter value depending on the first parameter?

Second parameter can be attained by making use of the first parameter by making use of the command $flex$value set name.

Define data group?

Data group can be defined as the group of applications related with oracle.

Explain about security attributes?

Security attributes can be made used by Oracle for allowing the particular rows containing data visible to the users.