SAP Lumira Interview Questions and Answers

  • 29-10-2018
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What are the Uses of SAP Lumira?

Predict future outcomes and forecast as per changing market situations & data visualizations and stories from multiple data sources.

What are the uses of different tabs in Lumira?
 Prepare, Visualize, Compare, Share

Prepare: import data set in SAP Lumira converted into the appropriate measures or attributes for the reports

Visualize: add graphs and charts on the data that has been imported You can add different attributes and measures to Label axis.

Compose: create stories and presentation, including background colors, titles, pictures, and text.

Share: publish your visualizations to different platforms

Can we access SAP Lumira Server Via mobile server
 SAP Lumira Server can be easily accessed from any mobile device supporting HTML5

Different chart types present in SAP Lumira?
Bar Chart, Column Chart, Radar Chart, Donut chart, Tree, Scatter Plot, Bubble Chart etc

How do we add Custom Charts in SAP Lumira?
 The user has the option of adding the custom charts in SAP Lumira using VizPacker and these charts will   be added to list of available charts in canvas

How to affix Datasets in Lumira?
Navigate to Data → Combine → Append.
These are the above commands

Different chart canvas properties that set in Lumira?

  • Chart Canvas Layout
  • Chart Style
  • Template
  • Font Zoom, etc.

What is Conditional formatting?
 It mention critical data points in a chart by different values meeting certain condition

What are the uses of filters?
Limit the data in Lumira Visualizations and pass various filter conditions to restrict data comes in    visualizations and stories.

What are the uses of hierarchies?
 Hierarchies are used to display data at different granularity level and you can update  different  levels for better understanding of relationship between objects.

Whets the Use of Merge type option in SAP Lumira?
 It defines the type of join. You can select from different join types – Inner join, outer join

How to measures as dimensions in SAP Lumira charts?
 Go to Settings and click on use Measures as dimensions option Once you select this option, measures are displayed as new measure dimension in Dimension panel

 Different formats you can export your data sets in SAP Lumira?
 You can save dataset as .csv or. xls file.

How to open multiple dataset in a single Lumira document?
 Go to Data pane at the top → Add new Dataset

What is Conditional formatting?
 Mention critical data points in a chart by different values meeting certain condition. Multiple conditional formatting rules can be applied on measures or dimensions.