Tableau Interview Questions and Answers

How many no of tables we can join in Tableau?

We can join max 32 table, to combine more than 32 tables not possible.

What is the benefit of Tableau extract file over the connection?

Extract can be used anywhere without any connection and we can build your own visualizations even no Database connecting.

 What is tableau?

Whether your data is in an on-premise database/a database/ a data warehouse/a cloud application or an Excel file, we can analyze it with Tableau. We can create views of your data and share it with colleagues, customers, and partners. By using   Tableau to blend it with other data. And we can keep your data up to date automatically.

 What is the Dimension?

Tableau treats all fields containing qualitative, categorical information as a dimension. This includes any field with text or data values.

What are the live Connect?

Tableau Creates a direct connects to the data source and speed up access.

What are top main five products offered by Tableau Company?

Tableau offers top main five products: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau reader and Tableau Public.

What is the aggregation and disaggregation of data in Tableau?

Tableau is two ways to develop a scatter plot to measure and compare the data values.

  1. Aggregation
  2. Disaggregation

Aggregation is calculated the form of a set of values that return a single numeric value. A default aggregation can be set for any measure which is not user-defined.

Disaggregation is both dependently and independently data refers to view each data source row during analyzing of data.

In Tableau, How to create a calculated field?

The data pane to click the drop down to the right of Dimensions and select < create – calculated field> to open the calculation editor

Assign the new field and create the formula.

How many visual analytics features available in Tableau 9.0?

Eight visual analytics features available in tableau 9.0

There are,

  • Type-in shelves
  • Freeform Calculation
  • Drag & Drop Calculation
  • New Calculation Editor
  • Instant reference line & trend line
  • Interactive Table calculation editing
  • Geographic Search
  • Lasso & Radial Selection

How to automate the Automated Reports in Tableau?

Automated reports are generated with the help of Tableau software which saves the time and effort of the user in large scale and It is done by publishing the reports into the Tableau server by choosing the automated data refreshment option in the publish window.