Net Suite Interview Questions

What is a Lead and how they are captured in Netsuite ?

In Accounting a Lead is nothing but an identification of a person or entity that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service. In Netsuite “Lead” is a standard record object which has several predefined fields to capture the Lead information.

How does Procure to pay Process works in Netsuite ?

Netsuite Procure to Pay Process involves the following steps :
Purchase Order Entry => Purchase Order Approval => Receiving => Matching => Bill Approval

How do I run a script in NetSuite?

The overall process for getting a script to run in NetSuite is fairly basic. This process includes:
Creating a JavaScript file for your script.
Uploading the file into NetSuite.
Creating a NetSuite “Script” record for your script.
Defining script runtime options on a NetSuite Script Deployment page.

What is Purchase Order Cycle in Netsuite ?

PR/PO => Recieving => Update Inventory => Enter Bills => Bills Payment => Accounting Posting

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What is Lead Generation Process ?

Lead Generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business.

Which three requirements can be addressed using standard NetSuite functionality in accounting preferences?

a)Automatically Email Drop Ship P.O.s.
b)Send Order Fulfilled Confirmation Emails.
c)Send Email Confirmation when Sales Order Updated.
d)Send Email Confirmation when Sales Order Canceled.
e)Automatically Email Sales Rep on Sales Order Approval.

answer: A, B, D

A customer needs to report outgoing order information from several warehouse locations. For each warehouse, the report needs to display the following:

Number of orders
Number of fulfillments
Total value of fulfilled orders
Total volume fulfilled

What is the most efficient solution to fulfill the requirements?

A. Use a custom report based on Quantity Fulfilled Metrics.
B. Use a Saved Search using Summary functionality on the Results Columns.
C. Add a sublist of transactions to Warehouse Location records with a transaction type filter displayed in the footer.
D. Develop a scripted solution creating a custom record to capture the information everytime an order is saved and fulfilled.

answer: B

What products and services does NetSuite offer?

NetSuite offers a suite of cloud applications including core financials/ERP, financial management, ecommerce and retail management, commerce marketing automation and professional services automation (PSA), that enables companies to
manage many of their core business operations.

Which action can be taken to optimize NetSuite’s performance in a browser?

A. Resize dashboard portlets.
B. Use of multiple browser tabs.
C. Use the smallest portlet level refresh.
D. Maximize the use of dashboard reports and searches.
answer: C

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What is the impact of enabling the Advanced Shipping feature?

A. Multi‐step fulfillment is enabled.
B. Fulfillment is separated from invoicing.
C. Drop Ship functionality is automated.
D. Printing of Integrated shipping labels is available.
E. Shipping to separate addresses per transaction line is supported.
Correct answer: B