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GoLogica offers you another training type which is weekend training. Not everyone is free in the week days, we can understand your busy schedule so we are providing the benefit of weekend training.

Learn your courses for an extra while with us on weekends, our instructors can explain the subject effectively keeping your time in mind.

An expert in the prime of his vocation may be an extremely bustling individual, as he can't juggle time amid the week days for his certification. Yet, GoLogica conducts instructional courses likewise on the ends of the week. Taking part for an affirmation generally, for example, a classes on the ends of the week has its own points of interest:

  • Regular Interaction in a group and with the Instructor will be fun and easy to learn.
  • As an important member of an organization, the participant can serve both by working on weekdays and also satisfy his urge of gaining a reputed certification to his/her profile
  • Women, who are at home because they have children or they have their dear ones to care for, can also participate in these training courses on weekends. When they want to resume their work, having a certification will prove to the potential employer that they are interested in their career and prepared for new challenges. They will be also able to adapt easily to the new changes in their domain.