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What’s App in Sales force?

An app may be a cluster of tabs that job as a unit to produce practicality. Users will switch between apps mistreatment the app computer menu at the top-right corner of each page. You’ll customise existing apps to match the manner you’re employed, or build new apps by grouping normal and custom tabs.

What’s object in Sales force?

Custom objects square measure info tables that enable you to store knowledge specific to your organization in You’ll use custom objects to increase practicality or to make new application practicality. Once you’ve got created a custom object, you’ll produce a custom tab, custom connected lists, reports, and dashboards for users to act with the custom object knowledge.

What number relationships enclosed in SFDC & What square measure they?

We tend to square measure having 2 varieties of relationships; they’re operation Relationship Master-Detail Relationship

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What’s a “Lookup Relationship”?

This type of relationship links 2 objects along, Up to twenty five allowed for object Parent isn’t a needed field. No impact on a security and access. No impact on deletion. will be multiple layers deep. Operation field isn’t needed.

What’s “Master-Detail Relationship”?

Master Detail relationship is that the Parent kid relationship. Within which Master represents Parent and detail represents kid. If Parent is deleted then kid conjointly gets deleted. Rollup outline fields will solely be created on Master records which are able to calculate the total, AVG, MIN of the kid records. Up to two allowed objecting. Parent field on kid is needed. Access to parent determines access to youngsters. Deleting parent mechanically deletes kid. a baby of 1 master detail relationship can’t be the parent of another. operation field on page layout is needed.

However am i able to produce several – to – several relationships?

Lookup and Master Detail relationships square measure one to several relationships. We are able to produce several – to – several relationships by mistreatment junction object. Junction object may be a custom object with 2 master detail relationships.

A custom object contains some records, currently my demand is to form field during this object with master detail relationship. Will we tend to produce master detail relationship during this case? 

No, directly we tend to cannot produce master details relationship if custom object contains existing records.

Following square measure the steps to form to form master-detail relationship once records square measure obtainable in custom object.

  1. Initial produce field with operation relationship.
  2. Then associate look field with parent record for each record
  3. Next amendment the information sort of the sector from find to Master detail.

List samples of custom field types?

Text, Pick list, choose list (multi select), Date, Email, Date/Time, Date, Currency, Checkbox, Number, Percent, Phone, URL, Text Area, Relocation, operation relationship, master detail relationship etc…..

What’s TAB in Sales force?

Tab may be a computer programme element to user creates to show custom object knowledge.

There square measure 3 sort of tabs.

Custom Tabs

Visual force Tabs

Web Tabs

Will user will produce insert their own custom brand, whereas making their own custom applications?

Yes user will transfer their custom brand in documents then they select that brand for organization.

List things that may be made-to-order on page layouts?

We are able to customise various things on page layout like, Fields, Buttons, Custom Links and connected Lists. we are able to conjointly produce sections.

What’s a “Self Relationship”?

Self Relationship may be a operation relationship to an equivalent object. Suppose let’s take Associate in Nursing object “Merchandise”. Here we are able to produce relationship in between the Account to Account (same object) object. that’s known as “Self Relationship”.

What square measure the most things got to contemplate within the “Master-Detail Relationship”?

Record level access is decided by the parent, obligatory on kid for reference of parent, cascade delete (if you delete the parent, it will cascade delete the child).

What’s distinction between trigger and workflow?


Workflow is machine-controlled method that discharged Associate in Nursing action supported analysis criteria and rule criteria.

We can access a advancement across the item.

We cannot perform DML operation on advancement

We cannot question from info


Trigger may be a piece of code that executes before or when a record is inserted or updated.

We can access the trigger across the item and associated with that objects

We can use twenty DML operations in one trigger.

We can use twenty SOQL’s from knowledge base in one trigger.

What’s Wrapper class? 

A Wrapper category may be a category whose instances square measure assortment of different objects.

It is wont to show completely different objects on a visible Force page in same table.

What is sharing rule?

If we wish to provide the access to different users we have a tendency to use sharing rules.

What area unit the actions in workflow?   

  1. Email Alert
  2. Task
  3. Field Update
  4. departing Message

How many ways that we are able to created field is required?

  1. Whereas creation of field
  2. Validation rules
  3. Page Layout level

What’s distinction between Role and Profile?

Role is Record level access and it’s not obligatory for all users.

Profile is object level and field level access and it’s obligatory for all users.

What’s the utmost size of the PDF generated on visual force attribute render as?


What number controllers may be utilized in a visible force page?

Sales force return beneath SAAS therefore, we are able to use one controller and as several extension controllers.

What’s distinction between Action support and Action function?

Action operate:  Invoke the controller methodology from javascript victimisation Ajax and that we will use action function from totally different places on visual force page.

Action support: Invoke the controller methodology victimisation Ajax once even happens on page like “qtiperar”  title=”and we|and that we” id=”tip_42″>and that we will use action support for specific single apex element.

What number ways that we are able to decision the Apex class?

  1. Visual force page
  2. net Service
  3. Triggers
  4. Email services

A way to produce Master Details relationship between existing records?

Directly we have a tendency to can’t produce Master Detail relationship between existing records, 1st we’ve got to form operation relationship and supply valid operation fields and it shouldn’t null.

What’s permission set?

Permission sets extend user’s practical access while not dynamical user’s profile.

Ex:  A user has solely scan access through profile on custom object, administrator need to provide access Edit and make operations to him while not dynamical the profile. Administrator creates the permission set having edit and creates operation on custom object and assign to it user.

What’s manual sharing?

Manual sharing is to share a record to a selected user manually.

Go to detail page of record and click on on manual sharing button and assign that record to different user with scan or Read/Write access.

Manual Sharing button permits only OWD is personal to it object.

However we are able to amendment the Grant access victimisation role hierarchy for traditional objects?


What’s the utilization of “Transfer Record” in profile?

If user has solely scan access on specific record however he needs to vary the owner name of that record, then in profile level Transfer Record permits he will ready to amendment the owner.

What’s Field dependency?

per the sector choice on one field filter the decide list values on different field.

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Is check box performs like dominant field?

Affirmative potential. Dominant field ought to be Check box or decide list.

What number field dependencies we are able to use in Visual Force page?

Most we are able to use ten field dependencies in VF page.

What’s Roll-up summary?

Roll-up displays the count of kid records and calculate the total, min and GHB of fields of the kid records.

A way to produce Roll-up outline field on operation relation?

Unacceptable. Roll-up outline is enabled for under Master –Detail relationship.

 What area unit the Record Types?

Record sorts area unit limit the decide list values and assign to the various page layouts for various Record sorts.