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Gologica’s AWS DevOps course is designed to provide you with advanced technical skills required to manage software development and software operations together. With this advanced course on AWS you can get into various roles like architects, developer, database admin, big data analyst etc.

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GoLogica is offering the AWS DevOps course. The course aims to make participants or students pass the AWS DevOps Pro exam. This certification provides you the advanced technical skills required in becoming an AWS DevOps Engineer. This certification is to be taken after completing the AWS Developer and AWS DevOps certification. This course is meant to learn AWS technology at an advanced level.

Organizations who have adopted cloud computing systems using AWS services are also adopting AWS DevOps best practices as it provides a stable, secure, and predictable IT environment and increases IT efficiency.  With a combination of cultural philosophies, tools and practices AWS enables organizations to perform their software development and infrastructure management processes at a much faster pace and with higher security and quality.

Gologica’s AWS DevOps course is designed to provide you with advanced technical skills required to manage software development and software operations together. It helps to automate most of the software development processes and monitor the operations resulting in increased velocity in deployment and stable software releases as per the organization or business goals.

With Gologica’s course curriculum for AWS DevOps, you will learn concepts such as virtualization and various DevOps tools such as Vagrant, version control system, Docker, Containerization, configuration management, and many more features. Enroll in Gologica’s AWS DevOps course and become an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional.

What you will learn in AWS DevOps Training?

With Gologica’s course to become a certified AWS DevOps - you will be learning software development methodologies, Virtualization and its types, Vagrant tool in detail, Version control system, installing GIT on windows and Linux, Docker, Configuration management with the chef, saltstack, puppet and ansible, clusters with Docker, Kubernetes etc.

Who should take this AWS DevOps Training?

AWS  DevOps training is for IT professionals who are system administrators, Software developers, cloud professionals, solution architects, project manager, technical lead...

What are the prerequisites for taking the AWS DevOps training?

The prerequisite for learning AWS DevOps is - AWS certified developer and SysOps, programming knowledge of C#, Java, Python, PHP, knowledge of administering Linux and windows system at command line level, Basic knowledge of cloud and AWS services.

Why should you go for the AWS DevOps?

AWS is one of the leading cloud computing packs which many industries are using. With knowledge on AWS one perform many different roles such as developer, database or system admin, Big Data analyst etc. AWS professionals are in high demand by employers. To become a technical expert in provisioning, operating and managing distributed systems on AWS platforms.

Salary as per Market

According to Indeed latest reports, AWS DevOps is paid around $ 125K.

DevOps culture and practice, Quick overview of the major concepts

How to implement DevOps – organizational and architectural considerations, Design and security for DevOps, Using IAM permissions, roles and the Security Token Service, CloudFormation tips and tricks, Bootstrapping hooks, Custom resources, Creation and deletion policies, Updating/deleting/nesting stacks and Configuration Management tools

Source code management, Using hooks to trigger builds, Custom build actions, Continuous integration servers and CI workflows and sample architecture

Patterns and anti-patterns, Building on continuous integration, AWS tools and services for CI/CD Implementing blue-green and red-black deployments on AWS, and other CD strategies

Introduction to CodeDeploy, Integrating CodeDeploy with CI servers and Troubleshooting deployments

Introduction to Elastic Beanstalk;, Elastic Beanstalk fits with DevOps and Comparison with CodeDeploy

Introduction to OpsWorks, Stacks, layers and instances, OpsWorks event processing, Deploying applications to OpsWorks, Quick overview of Chef, Including creating custom OpsWorks layers, How OpsWorks fits with DevOps

Docker and containerization, Using Docker for DevOps, Using the EC2 Container Service, Integrating ECS with your CI system, Putting it all together, Patterns for building AMIs, Application pipelines, SWF and CodePipeline, Performance tuning, Load and scale testing, Choosing EC2 instance types, Configuring ELB and Autoscaling for performance

AWS CLI tips and tricks, Logging options, Configuring logging with Cloud Formation and Using AWS Lambda for monitoring

Our trainers are Highly experienced in implementing real-time solutions on different Scenarios and Expert in their professionals.

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through this training and we will share the recordings of each session/class.

Trainer will Provide Detailed installation of required software through LMS to the students we support by providing Training and practical in real time experience with all utilities required for completely understanding of this Training.

Yes, there are some group discount are available only if group contain more than 2 Or more participates.

Basic Hard ware requirement is useful to install Software

We provide Training in a Real Time Projects Oriented

Yes we will Schedule a Demo Session as per the student convenient by sharing LIVE Online Streaming access either through GoToMeeting or WebEx.

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If you are enrolled in classes and you have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be done within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 15 days of prior request

As we are one of the AWS DevOps online Training Provider we have customer throughout the world wide specially from UK, USA, UAE, Australia, Qatar, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Doha, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Wellington, Auckland Middle East Countries and other parts of the world

We are also located in USA Offering AWS DevOps online Training in Cities like New York, New jersey, Dallas, Seattle, Baltimore, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Peoria, Honolulu, Columbus, Raleigh, Nashville, Plano, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Saint John, Vancouver, Richmond, Mississauga, Saskatoon, Kingston, Kelowna, Houston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Edison, Jacksonville, Towson, Salt Lake City, Davidson, Murfreesboro, Atlanta, Alexandria, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Franklin, Tacoma, California, Bellevue, Austin, Charlotte, Garland, Raleigh-Cary, Boston, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Gilbert.

In India we have customer for AWS DevOps online Training from Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad (Ameerpet), Visage, Vijayawada, Guntur, Triputhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Kerala etc…

You can clarify your queries by dialing +91 - 82 9696 0414, +1 (646) 586 - 2969 Or you can send a mail to info@gologica.com. We are ready to clear your enquiries at any time

At the end of the course, you will receive a course completion certificate stating that you have successfully completed GoLogica training in Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps technology.

You will get certified in Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps by clearing the online examination with a minimum score of 70%.

To help you prepare for a certification exam, we will provide you a simulation exam a practice exam.


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The course was very well structured. The sessions were in good pace and the instructor was knowledgeable too. Overall, A very good learning experience learning AWS.


My learning journey was excellent at gologica! The classes were detailed and in - depth. Our trainer was amazing as he explained all the concepts very well. Thanks you for gologica helped to learning this course.


I’m new to this site and also to domain of AWS, and wanted to use AWS and services and communicate through AWS for my DEVOPS work in my organization, and this really helped me understand and work through all the work in the company. So thank u


Really helped brushing my knowledge on AWS development side and helped me learn to work through the services of AWS and also how to apply my own complex tasks to work in AWS platform. Also made me achieve my AWS certification through this.


Really loved this course from start till the finish line, helped me harness AWS Dev skills so that I could boost my career, and future opportunities. Thanks to GOLOGICA AND TEAM,for putting effort into making such a course for all students.


Has varieties of what track one could learn this course and unique way of teaching here made me come back for every lesson with enthusiasm. Really helped me with my future plans for teaching for my students. Thank you team Gologica


I Have joined for AWS DEVOPS course. Presently, I am totally sufficiently sure in my subject. I never thought AWS is SO BIG and huge!Loved learning it for around multi week and very glad at this point.


It was an uncommon trial and getting this from Gologica guides. The coaches were hands on and given perpetual condition’s in AWS. For me getting the hang of bleeding edge and most recent advances,Gologica was the ideal place to realize that.


Educator is extremely great, I regard the manner in which he instructs and extremely like the intrigue he accompanies, i’m awed. Ideas are clear, comprehension of every viewpoint is acquired, Nice to be a piece of Gologica. Great job!


This course gave me all needed to know for starting AWS DevOps, and getting to be master in it.My assessments is bit low because of tongue understanding for me to begin with anyway as time Now near being master in AWS on account of this course.


Genuinely given mentors and teaching, helped me fathom and taught me to complete those instructing in practical vocations. I’m directly used viably and out and out acknowledge exercises and work on AWS organize because of this course and Gologi


Has assortments of what track one could realize this course and one of a kind method for instructing here made me return for each exercise with excitement. Truly helped me with my feasible arrangements for educating for my understudies. Much thanks.


Certainly there is no vulnerability in saying that all of the instructors at Gologica are industry experienced and the consideration staff gives an energetic response to the tickets you log whether it be Day or Night. I like the how sessions are made


The consistent circumstances and application managing by the AWS work force is amazingly incredible. It basically gives the experience of constant effort with extraordinary appreciation of the thought. I am astoundingly content with his system for Go


As I was occupied with amid the day with my own work I took quick track seminar on JAVA which finished in only 10 days in an exceptionally powerful manner. On account of www.gologica.com and every one of the mentors included.


As I was occupied with amid the day with my own work I took quick track seminar on JAVA which finished in only 10 days in an exceptionally powerful manner. On account of www.gologica.com and every one of the mentors included.


Gologica has great educators and specialized help group, I have finished the course AWS totally through web instructional class given by the group, and it was extremely great preparing, helped me to adapt very quickly and altogether.


I’ve effectively finished the classes and I am happy with the classes and the data gave in regards to AWS DevOps. A debt of gratitude is in order for the classes.


I’ve successfully completed the classes and I am content with the classes and the information gave concerning AWS DevOps. An obligation of appreciation is all together for the classes.


first i would like to thank you for training me on AWS DevOps the trainer who trained me on AWS DevOps is awesome.his training was wonderful and his teaching method was very interesting.Overall i had good trainer and i am completely happy.


first I might want to thank you for preparing me on AWS DevOps. the coach who prepared me on AWS DevOps is awesome.his preparing was superb and his instructing strategy was interesting.Overall I had great mentor and I am totally content.


first I should need to thank you for setting me up on AWS DevOps. the mentor who set me up on AWS DevOps is awesome.his planning was heavenly and his training technique was interesting.Overall I had extraordinary coach and I am absolutely content.


first I should need to thank you for setting me up on AWS DevOps. the mentor who set me up on AWS DevOps is awesome.his planning was heavenly and his training technique was interesting.Overall I had extraordinary coach and I am absolutely content.

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