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Structured Query Language (SQL) is the arrangement of articulations with which all projects and clients get to information in an Oracle database. Application projects and Oracle instruments regularly permit clients access to the database without utilizing SQL straightforwardly, however, these applications thusly should utilize SQL when executing the clients demand.

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Organized Query Language (SQL) is the arrangement of articulations with which all projects and clients get to information in an Oracle database. Application projects and Oracle instruments regularly permit clients access to the database without utilizing SQL straightforwardly, however these applications thusly should utilize SQL when executing the clients demand. This part gives foundation data on SQL as utilized by most database frameworks.

What you will learn in Oracle SQL Online Training ?

Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement
Restricting and Sorting Data
Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions

Who should take this Oracle SQL Online Training Course?

Programming engineers
Database heads
SQL and investigation experts
BI and Data Warehousing experts

What are the prerequisites for taking Oracle SQL Online Training ?

There are no specific essentials for learning PL/SQL. In spite of the fact that having earlier learning of SQL can be helpful.
Why should you go for the Oracle SQL Training Course?
SQL is used across all databases and is useful and necessary in every project that needs to store data (i.e. 99% of all).
PL/SQL is a niche programming language used for writing code inside the Oracle database. It fills that role supremely well, but SQL skills are only useful for a small subset of tasks (database logic) and only with a small subset of organizations (large organizations who need and can afford expensive Oracle databases)

Salary as per Market

A SQL Developer can earn $90,469 per year.

What is SQL and how it Process and different SQL Commands like DDL - Data Definition Language, DML - Data Manipulation Language, DCL - Data Control Language, DQL - Data Query Language eaxmples

We come across different types of SQL Syntax like SELECT Statement, DISTINCT Clause, WHERE Clause:, AND/OR Clause: , IN Clause: , BETWEEN Clause: , Like Clause: , ORDER BY Clause: , GROUP BY Clause: , COUNT Clause: , HAVING Clause: and to create table using syntax CREATE TABLE Statement: to DROP TABLE Statement: Creating INDEX Statement: Dropping INDEX Statement: , DESC Statement: ,TRUNCATE TABLE Statement: ,Modifying table using ALTER TABLE Statement: ,ALTER TABLE Statement (Rename):, INSERT INTO Statement: ,UPDATE Statement: ,DELETE Statement: ,CREATE DATABASE Statement: , DROP DATABASE Statement: ,USE Statement: COMMIT Statement: and ROLLBACK Statement:

SQL have a different data type such as Exact Numeric Data Types: , Date and Time Data Types:, Character Strings Data Types: , Unicode Character Strings Data Types: , Binary Data Types:, Misc Data Types:

Different Operators & Expressions in SQL Arithmetic Operators: , Comparison Operators:, Logical Operators: Expressions are Boolean Expressions: , Numeric Expression: , Date Expressions: , CREATE Table , DROP or DELETE Table

SQL have different constraints NOT NULL Constraint: , DEFAULT Constraint:, Drop Default Constraint: , UNIQUE Constraint: , DROP a UNIQUE Constraint: PRIMARY Key:, Create Primary Key: , Delete Primary Key: , FOREIGN Key: ,DROP a FOREIGN KEY Constraint: , CHECK Constraint: , DROP a CHECK Constraint: ,INDEX, DROP a INDEX Constraint: , Dropping Constraints:, Integrity Constraints:

Types of Join in sql INNER JOIN , LEFT JOIN , RIGHT JOIN , FULL JOIN, SELF JOIN, CARTESIAN JOIN, Unions Clause , The UNION ALL Clause:, NULL Values , Alias Syntax

Who to create Index using INDEX Command:,Single-Column Indexes: , Unique Indexes: , Composite Indexes: , Implicit Indexes: ,How to DROP INDEX Command: , When should indexes be avoided? ALTER TABLE Command, Syntax:, TRUNCATE TABLE , Syntax:

How to create Views:The WITH CHECK OPTION: , Updating a View: , Inserting Rows into a View: , Deleting Rows into a View: , Dropping Views: , HAVING CLAUSE

Different Properties of Transactions: , Transaction Control: , The COMMIT Command: , The ROLLBACK Command: , The SAVEPOINT Command: , The RELEASE SAVEPOINT Command:, The SET TRANSACTION Command:

The Different SQL Wildcard Operators, Date Function:,Temporary Tables:, Dropping Temporary Tables

How to create Sub Queries in SQL Statements , Subqueries with the SELECT Statement:, Subqueries with the INSERT Statement: . Subqueries with the UPDATE Statement:, Subqueries with the DELETE Statement:

Using AUTO_INCREMENT column: , Obtain AUTO_INCREMENT Values: , Handling Duplicates

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Yes, there are some group discount are available only if group contain more than 2 Or more participates.

Basic Hard ware requirement is useful to install the Oracle SQL

We provide Training in a Real Time Projects Oriented

Yes we will Schedule a Demo Session as per the student convenient by sharing LIVE Online Streaming access either through GoToMeeting or WebEx.

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Oracle SQL training has turned out to be the best certification that i have completed, and i know it will make my future really bright.


As a suggestion i decided to take my SQL training from Gologica and im very happy about the suggestion and my decision

Sudha V

Indeed Oracle certification is valued immensely and SQL training has been my icing.


SQL training has proved that my career will go on a smooth professional ride.

Mohamed sayeed


Sunitha Bojamma

If there was an option of rating it 10 star i would really do it, this course has helped me a lot in deciding my future. Im really thankfull to it. Thank you Gologica


Completed my course on oracle SQL, discussed real time projects and that was helped in my career.


Oracle SQL is best certification can only be done in this institution.Everybody here are incredibly talented.Thanks!


Thanks for gologica for such an amazing Oracle SQL Training and course materials. I got Placed in an good company. Thank you.


Helped me learn essentials of sql and furthermore sql interface as for prophet, which is broadly utilized for backend all over the place.


Helped me learn basics of sql and also sql interface with respect to oracle, which is widely used for backend everywhere.

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