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At any SAS BI preparing foundation in Online this course can be learnt.

With the SAS Business Intelligence course, empowering experts to investigate the potential client and offer the colossal guide for business examination. As a Business Intelligence content engineer, the person who takes in the course, gets the chance to make reports, make dashboards and break down the same, before the end clients.

Who should take this course?

  • Fresher ’s/Graduates
  • End users
  • IT professionals
  • Business Professionals
  • Management professionals
  • Management graduates
  • Aspiring individuals
  • Job seekers

 What are the prerequisites for taking this Course?

There is huge demand for SAS BI training in Online.

As SAS, BI is the professional course, it is preferable to possess a basic understanding of fundamentals of SAS basic course.

Other than this, as graduates and fresher can learn the course, minimum degree qualification is needed to get eligible to learn the course.

What you will learn in this Training?

  • To create user friendly business applications
  • To understand and execute advanced reporting techniques
  • Learn about data and information maps to build them
  • SAS BI Application Dashboard creation
  • Creation of stored processes
  • Learn to use the advanced methods with the help of SAS reports
  • Exploit data in Multidimensional ways
  • Using SAS Guide projects to execute the stored processes
  • Creation of dynamic stored processes for the usage of users for parameters

Why should you go for this training?

  • SAS business knowledge course offers the most expert method for SAS aptitudes required.
  • SAS BI is a module of SAS where business investigation if conceivable through a product aptitude set.
  • With these aptitudes, can improve your business knowledge without a doubt, as the name says it all.
  • SAS BI likewise especially getting for vocation open doors for the fresher or graduates who are searching for an achievement in the IT business.

Notwithstanding for the experts, this course remains as a guide and aides for advancement of chances in the business and furthermore redesigns the abilities.

Business User Reporting Applications
Use the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office.
Use SAS Web Report Studio.
Use SAS Information Delivery Portal.
Advanced Reporting Techniques and Roles
Modify an existing SAS Information Map.
Create a New SAS BI Dashboard Indicator.
Create data sources for reporting and analysis.
Interpret permissions and file structures defined in metadata by the platform administrator.
Creating Information Maps
Utilize different data sources.
Use filters and the prompting framework to dynamically subset data.
Create prefilters to subset the information map data.
Building a SAS BI Dashboard Application
Build SAS BI Dashboard Components.
Build advanced SAS BI Dashboard Components.
Building Stored Processes
Create a stored process from a SAS Enterprise Guide Project.
Create a stored process from a SAS Program.
Add prompts to a stored process.
Create a stored process to provide a dynamic data source.
Define the macro variables generated for each prompt type.
Utilizing Advanced Techniques with SAS Reports
Build advanced reports with SAS Web Report Studio.
Create and use SAS report templates.
Link reports in SAS Web Report Studio.
Schedule and distributing SAS Reports.
Build SAS reports with SAS Enterprise Guide.
Create shared prompts.
Utilizing Multidimensional (OLAP) Data Sources
Apply Online Analytical Processing concepts.
Build an OLAP cube with SAS OLAP Cube Studio.
Build an information map from a SAS OLAP Cube.
The Environment Metadata
Describe the metadata created and used by the SAS Platform.

  1. Who are the instructors?
    Our instructors are having real time experience in IT industry and good teaching experience with relevant skill set. The course will teach with real time scenario.
  2. How long is each course?
    As per mentioned in the course outline and will finish it.
  3. What kind of time commitment is required?
    As Per given schedule we will finish it the course. If any case of delay we will take the extra sessions.
  4. I am not able to access the online course, whom do I contact for a solution?
    You could raise a request on our Help & Blog, or direct reach out to get an instant solution.
  5. Is a practice test included with my online training?
    Yes, we will provide test instance for 2 months and as per customer interest we will extend.
  6. How do I get in touch with my Instructor?
    You can touch with through phone, web conference and mail after taking the course.
  7. How do I enroll in the Course program?
    You can enroll for the program on our website and make an online payment using any of these options.
    Visa Credit or Debit card
    American Express
    Once the online payment is done, you will automatically receive a payment receipt and access information, via email.

At the end of this course, you will receive a course completion certificate which certifies that you have successfully completed GoLogica training in technology.

You will get certified in SAS BI by clearing the online examination with a minimum score of 70%.

To help you prepare for a certification exam, we shall provide you a simulation exam and a practice exam.

A Business Intelligence Developer`s salary ranges from $98,366 to $134,938.

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Helped in saving my time and done my job sooner.Thanks gologica.
More specific materials and videos needed to understand this course much more easier.
SAS BI has been very useful and helped me in getting promoted and leveling up my career. Thanks to GoLogica.
Excellent course.Good training faculty and required amount of materials provided to understand easily.
Finally completed this course without any issues all thanks to trainers and GoLogica.
Improvement in training needed and lack of study materials and videos.