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The CCNA affirmation has been contrived by CISCO and stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. The declaration approves an expert’s capacity to comprehend, arrange, work, design and investigate medium-level exchanged and steered systems and furthermore incorporates the confirmation and execution of associations by means of remote locales utilizing WAN.

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The CCNA affirmation has been contrived by CISCO and stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. The declaration approves an expert’s capacity to comprehend, arrange, work, design and investigate medium-level exchanged and steered systems and furthermore incorporates the confirmation and execution of associations by means of remote locales utilizing WAN.

What you will learn in CCNA Training?

WAN and LAN design

OSI models

IP addressing


Routers / routing protocols (includes EIGRP, RIP and OSPF)

Network security and management (ACL included)

What are the prerequisites for taking CCNA Course?

No Prerequisites, yes you heard it right. CCNA is a First step in Cisco Certifications and it doesn’t have any essentials.

Why should you go for the CCNA Training Course?

CCNA is effortlessly a standout amongst the most esteemed and vouched IT accreditations over the globe. Till date, more than a million applicants have taken and passed the CCNA affirmation and every one is all around put in his/her region of specialization. CCNA affirmation benefits both the business and the worker. It is demonstrated that the confirmation can achieve a gigantic change in profession way while procuring profitable abilities all through the way.

Salary as per Market

The normal pay for CCNA ranges from $55,166-$90,642

Network components are Router, switch, hub and bridge etc.

Defining Network requirements – NIC- Ethernet (CSMA/CD)
10/100/1000 mbps DUPLEX (Half/Full/Aut) – Connecting Media – Cax.
10 base 2T – UTP/STP – CAT 1/2/3..
Straight through/cross crimping (nly details n practical)
Fiber ptics – Single/Multimedia
100 Base TX/FX etc – wireless communication.
Ethernet cabling Standard.
Connecting Devices
Repeater – Hub – Switch – Bridge – Tplgy – Bus/Star/Ring
OSI – Mdel
7 Layers – Communicatin between the Layers (Encapsulatin & De-encapsulatin) – PDU.
Layer 2 – MAC/LLC – 802.3/802.2 (SAP/SNAP) /Ethernet II – Frames
Bradcast/Collision domain – pint f -Hub/Switch/Ruter
L4 – 3way handshake – windwing – and about – Connectionless
Packet size [64B (mini) t 1518B (Max)]

All Layers f TCP/IP Compound with – OS
Transport Layer – TCP/UDP – TCP Segment Format
3 way handshake/windwing – UDP segment Format
Internet Layer
IP datagram format – Portal no – TCP 6 – UDP 17
Introduction to IP addressing – Class A/B/C/D/E
Private IP address – First OCTET range etc.

Default Subnet Mask
Class C Subnetting & Practice no. given
Class B Subnetting & problems
Class A Subnetting & problems
Hst Address Assignment
Unicast, Multicast and ther Special ipV6 Addresses
Configuring ipV6 Routing
Translations between ipV4 and ipV6

Selection of Router & Cabling a Route
When Router used – LAN with WAN connect – to connect networks of different IP
Different interface of Router – AUI /S0/S1/AUX – console / BRI etc.
Cables used in different interfaces/purpose of interfaces
WAN interface cable – EIA/TIA – 232/449/530 – V.35 – X.21
Different CISCO series – modular/fixed – 10mbps/100 etc
Straight through between DTE & DCE
Different models of operation & basic commands

Different interface of Router – AUI /S0/S1/AUX – cnsle / BRI etc.
DRAM -Running Config
NVRAM – Startup Config
Flash MEM – IOS

ROM Monitor – Remote Mode – Setup – Exec Model
Exec Mode
User -Privilege – Glbal – Sub-configuration mode
yntax/command to switch between modes
Assigning IP address for -E0-S0-S1
Enabling/disabling – console/privilege/vty password
Mode – command
Shw Config / start / run / version / flash

Changing between modes – (user-privilege- Glbal-etc)
IP address configuration-E0-S0-S1
Password – enabling – encrypting it
Practice – mtd – show commands – editing commands
Assigning host name (fr Ruter)
Register value – X2102 – bot field value/purpse ROM monitor made – password breaking 8th/6th/13th bit f register value importance
Bot system flash/netwrk/ROM – config-register (Changing register value) – etc command purpose Boting sequence – Backup & Recovery – CDP
Practice an above commands as well as following
Telnet – [ctrl+shift+6]x – disconnect – sh users /Sessions
Clear lines resume – [hostname resolving in telnet domain Enabling/disabling etc - n practical for this alne]
Overview f Cisco SDM (Security Device Manager)
IP Routing

IP routing – static routing – default- dynamic routing
Providing clock rate to up the link after identifying DCE by “Sh controllers” command
Commands/syntax – Static/default routing
Practical-session for Static & default routing

Dynamic Routing – IGP & EGP
Classes of Routing Portal – Distance vector – Link State – Balanced hybrid
Role of Routing Portal – builds/updates/selects & Routes the packet
Sluting for Routing lops – Max. loop count – split horizon – Route poisn Reverse – Hold down Timer
Features of RIP – distance vector algorithm – RIP V1/V2 – lad sharing – metric (depends – loop count)
Metric value depends – loop count – Ticks – delay – Reliability – cst – MTU – Bandwidth
Command – Router RIP Network
Sh IP route
Timer value for RIP– Update/Invalid/ hld down/flush Timer
Dynamic Routing – RIP Practical

Limitations of distance vector algorithm
Features f EIGRP and its operations
Configuring EIGRP – “Aut-redistribution”
Verify and troubleshooting EIGRP
Features f OSPF and its operation
Configuring single area OSPF
Verify and troubleshot OSPF

Purpose/advantage of Access-list
IP [-fr a host – for a network/sub network].
Std IP access-list – wild card calculation
Extd IP access list
Switch part ACL
Step involved in creating access list
Applying access list at the interface – (inbund/utbund)
Named access-list for IP
Access-list in Telnet session
IP standard Access List
Practical n
IP Std access-list
IP Extended Access List
IP Extd access-list, named access lists

Implement, Verify & Troubleshot NAT
Explain the Basic Operation of NAT
Using (including CLI/SDM)
Practical’s n Static NAT, Dynamic NAT and PAT
Troubleshot NAT issues
WAN Technologies- Leased Line
Leased line
P to P communication
HDLC & PPP protocol-features, Enabling HDLC & PPP
PPP Link and PPP layer & its explanation/rle
PAP/CHAP rle and Configuring PAP/CHAP using commands
VPN, Describe VPN technology and Importance Of VPN
Benefits & Rle and Impact & Components
Frame-Relay, Packet Switched Network
Virtual circuit – DLCI – Access-link – CRI – FECN – BECN – LMI
Enabling Frame-relay, Inverse ARP
Configuring frame-relay for
Mesh and Star Network
Combination of above two

Switching Operatin and Configuration
Function –add-learning / Forward-filters the Frame / lp avidance
Redundant path and its problems
Spanning Tree Prtcl – purpose – its different state (blcking/listening/learning/forwarding)
Modes operation of switch/Bridge
Prt duplexing
Switch & hub – half duplex and Switch & Server – full duplex
CISCO catalyst switch 1912 & 1924 interface details
M/K/I modes, Basic and advanced commands
Enabling & configuring MAC address table
VLAN Configuratin, VLAN – ISL – Trunking and Enabling Trunking
Assigning VLAN N. & name
Configuring ports to a specific VLAN
VTP purpose, VTP domain and VTP modes of operation
Switching Technologies (including VTP , RSTP , PVSTP, 802.1q)
Implement Basic Switch Security (including Prt Security , Trunk access .etc )
Wireless Introduction & Operation
Standards associated with Wireless Media (including WI-FI Alliance, ITU/FCC)
hc mode, infrastructure mode
Basic Parameters t configure n a Wireless Network
Wireless Security Feature’s (WEP, WPA 1 / 2 )
Implementing Wireless Networks

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The onetime CCNA accreditation is legitimate for a long time after which competitors need to re-set up their capability. This is in perspective of the continually changing innovation and programming redesigns. Moreover, applicants can likewise sit for cutting edge CCNA exams contrived for systems administration experts and incorporates the CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) affirmation.


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Needed much more weekend programs which would further help me understand complicated concepts.

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CCNA really guided me with my project files and helped me improving my skills.


I wish there was equal importance given to every topics. Explanations must be still clear.

Vijaya U

Once I completed this course I really felt a change in my career and I would thank Gologica for this.


The way of teaching is very clear. I observed that there is lot of difference between GoLogica Technologies and other institute in training methodology. I got good subject and clarity. The faculty is very knowledgeable and practical oriented.

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