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GoLogica Online preparing office is a main worldwide supplier of online IT training. A built up initiate in the zone of granting web based preparing, GoLogica offers the most recent in IT patterns and innovation crosswise over specializations.

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GoLogica Online preparing office is a main worldwide supplier of online IT training. A built up initiate in the zone of granting web based preparing, GoLogica offers the most recent in IT patterns and innovation crosswise over specializations.

VMWare Online item suite has reformed the way associations deal with their server farms. VMware is a far reaching gathering of items and components that together gives a full exhibit of big business virtualization usefulness. Prior associations would purchase another server according to their developing needs yet with VMware’s server virtualization items associations can run various working frameworks on their current equipment. This prompts enormous cost cutting and sparing.

GoLogica’s VMWare web based instructional class clarifies every one of these elements of VMWare inside and out and lays accentuation on the most recent fifth variant of the item suite. The course is conveyed online through educator drove live online sessions that can be redone to suit the necessities and requirements of understudies.

What you will learn in VMWARE Training?

  • Covers in detail Virtualization Fundamentals
  • Helps you see how to make ,convey, expel virtual machines
  • Focuses on Processor and Memory management
  • Develops exhaustive comprehension of ESXi Server Hardware architecture
  • Focuses on vSphere stockpiling and vSphere organizing essentials
  • Covers in detail VMWare VCenter Server 5
  • Covers themes fundamental for accreditation and occupation interviews

Who should take VMWARE Training?

This training will be suitable for, 

  • Systems Administrator
  • System Engineer
  • Senior System Engineer
  • Virtualization Engineer
  • Senior Systems Administrator
  • Software Architect
  • Network Engineer
  • Administrator
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Development Operations Engineer

 Why should you go for VMWARE Training?

VMWare vSphere (VMWARE Course) item suite was one of the pioneers in altering the way endeavor dealt with their server farms’. VMWare vSphere 5 is stacked with functionalities that advantage associations significantly, particularly in cutting expenses. VMWare vSphere 5 additionally enables grasp to distributed computing effectively. A commendable learning it benefits experts and additionally endeavors to put resources into.

The VMWare vSphere 5 web based preparing at GoLogica enables proficient to configuration, send, arrange, oversee and screen a dynamic virtualized condition based on VMware’s endeavor class server virtualization item.

Salary as per Market

The average salary for VMWARE Developer is $69,633 PA.
Introduction on VMware Vsphere

Features of VMware Vsphere
Comparsion between VMware Vsphere 5.1 and Vsphere 4.1 versions
Install the vSphere Consumer

Configuring VMware ESXi
Connect to an ESXi host with the vSphere Consumer
View host hardware configuration
Configure DNS and routing information for an ESXi host
Configure an ESXi host as an NTP Consumer
Configure an ESXi host to use directory services

Working with Virtual Machines
Create a virtual machine
Install a guest operating system in a virtual machine
Identify a virtual machine’s disk format and usage statistics
Install VMware Tools on a virtual machine installed with a Windows OS
Prepare your virtual machine for upcoming labs
Configuring the vCenter Server Appliance
Configure the VCVA for Initial use
Install vSphere license keys        

Create a vCenter Server inventory data center object
Create vCenter Server inventory folder objects
Add your ESXi host to the vCenter Server inventory
Configure the vCenter server appliance to use directory services
Use the vSphere Internet Consumer to log in to the vCenter Server Appliance
Standard Virtual Switches
View the Present Normal virtual switch configuration
Create a Typical virtual switch with a virtual machine port group
Attach your virtual machine to a virtual switch port group
Accessing iSCSI Storage
Add a VMkernel port group to a standard virtual switch
Configure the iSCSI software adapter
Accessing IP Storage

Configure access to NFS datastores
View iSCSI and NFS storage information
Managing VMware vSphere VMFS
Review your shared storage configuration
Change the name of a VMFS datastore
Create a VMFS datastore
Expand a VMFS datastore to consume unused space on a LUN
Remove a VMFS datastore
Extend a VMFS datastore

Using Templates and Clones
Copy Sysprep files to the vCenter Server appliance
Create a template
Create customization specifications
Deploy a virtual machine from a template
Clone a virtual machine that is powered on
Modifying a Virtual Machine
Increase the size of a VMDK file
Adjust memory allocation on a virtual machine
Add a raw LUN to a virtual machine and verify that the guest operating system can see it
Rename a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory
Expand a thin-provisioned virtual disk
Migrating Virtual Machines

Configure vCenter Server to manage multiple ESXi hosts
Migrate virtual machine files with Storage vMotion
Create a virtual switch and a VMkernel port Cluster for vMotion migration
Verify that your ESXi host meets vMotion Conditions, virtual machines meet vMotion requirements
Perform a vMotion migration of a virtual machine on a shared datastore
Prepare for the next lab
Managing Virtual Machines
Unregister a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory
Register a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory
Unregister and delete virtual machines from disk
Take snapshots of a virtual machine
Revert to a snapshot
Delete an individual snapshot
Use the Delete All function in Snapshot Manager
Managing vApps, Create a vApp
Power on a vApp and Remove a vApp
Access Management
Try to log in directly to the ESXi host
Grant non-administrator access to a user
Explore the ESX Admins AD group
User Permissions

Create a custom role in vCenter Server
Assign permissions on vCenter Server inventory objects
Verify permission usability
Resource Pools
Create Central Process Unit contention
Create a resource pool named Fin-Test
Create a Resource Pool named Fin-Prod
Verify resource pool functionality
Create Central Process Unit activity
Use vCenter Server to monitor Central Process Unit utilization

Undo changes made to your virtual machines
Monitoring Virtual Machine Performance
Using Alarms
Create a virtual machine alarm that monitors for a condition
Create a Virtual Machine Alarm that monitors for an event
Trigger virtual machine alarms and acknowledge them
Disable virtual machine alarms

Using vSphere High Availability
Create a cluster enabled for vSphere HA
Add your ESXi host to a cluster
Test vSphere HA functionality
Determine vSphere HA cluster resource usage
Manage vSphere HA slot size
Configure a vSphere HA cluster with strict admission control
Prepare for upcoming labs

Configuring VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance
Prepare the virtual machine
Enable Fault Tolerance logging
Activate Fault Tolerance
Test Fault Tolerance
Disable Fault Tolerance
vSphere Distributed Resource Hardware
Create load imbalance
Create a DRS cluster
Verify Correct DRS cluster functionality
affinity rule
Create, test, and disable an affinity rule
Create, test, and disable an anti-affinity rule
Create, test, and disable a virtual machine to host affinity rule

VMware vSphere Update Manager
Install Update Manager
Install the Update Manager plug-in into the vSphere Shopper
Modify cluster settings
Configure Update Manager
Create a patch baseline
Attach a baseline and scan for updates
Stage patches onto ESXi hosts
Remediate the ESXi hosts
Installing VMware vCenter Server
Task 1: Install vCenter Server

Our trainers are Highly experienced in vmware implementing real-time solutions on different Scenarios and Expert in their professionals.

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through this training and we will share the recordings of each session/class.

Trainer will Provide Detailed installation of required software through LMS to the students we support by providing Training and practical in real time experience with all utilities required for completely understanding of this Training.

Yes, there are some group discount are available only if group contain more than 2 Or more participates.

Basic Hard ware requirement is useful to install the Product

We provide Training in a Real Time Projects Oriented

Yes we will Schedule a Demo Session as per the student convenient by sharing LIVE Online Streaming access either through GoToMeeting or WebEx.

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If you are enrolled in classes and you have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be done within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 15 days of prior request

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We are also located in USA Offering vmware Online Training in Cities like New York, New jersey, Dallas, Seattle, Baltimore, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Peoria, Honolulu, Columbus, Raleigh, Nashville, Plano, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Saint John, Vancouver, Richmond, Mississauga, Saskatoon, Kingston, Kelowna, Houston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Edison, Jacksonville, Towson, Salt Lake City, Davidson, Murfreesboro, Atlanta, Alexandria, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Franklin, Tacoma, California, Bellevue, Austin, Charlotte, Garland, Raleigh-Cary, Boston, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Gilbert.

we also have customers from UK, and also providing vmware training in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool.

In India we have customer from Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad (Ameerpet), Visage, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Kerala etc…

You can clarify your queries by dialing +91 - 82 9696 0414, +1 (646) 586 - 2969 Or you can send a mail to info@gologica.com. We are ready to clear your enquiries at any time

At the end of the course, you will receive a course completion certificate stating that you have successfully completed GoLogica training in VMWARE technology.
You will get certified in VMWARE by clearing the online examination with a minimum score of 70%.
To help you prepare for a certification exam, we will provide you a simulation exam a practice exam.


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Shree Lakshmi

The materials were on point and helped me complete this course easily.


This course was an important one to me because it guided me in my project as well as boost in my pay-scale.Thanks to GoLogica.


Overall satisfied with this course and the trainers.

Guru G P

The weekend classes are very helpful for clarifying doubt.


After getting this certificate my job opportunities were more.Thank u


Best Trainer helped me to learn SAP BPC and thanks for the work support and providing me study materials


Recently I have done completed VMware Online training in GoLogica good trainer and work support thanks for helping me to complete VMware training course

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