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Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) course furnishes learners with top to bottom information of QoS prerequisites, applied models, for example, best exertion, IntServ and DiffServ, and the execution of QoS on Cisco stages. The educational modules covers the hypothesis of QoS, outline issues and arrangement of different QoS components to encourage the formation of successful regulatory strategies giving QoS.

What you will learn in this Training?

  • Introduction to QoS
  • Implement and Monitor QoS
  • Classification and Marking
  • Congestion Management
  • Congestion Avoidance
  • Traffic Policing and Shaping
  • Link Efficiency Mechanisms
  • Deploying End-to-End QoS

Why should you go for the QOS Training Course?

Contextual investigations and lab practices incorporated into the course help learners to apply the ideas from the individual modules to genuine situations. The course additionally gives learners outline and utilization rules for cutting edge QoS highlights. This gives the learners the chance to outline and actualize productive, ideal and inconvenience free multiservice systems.

Subsequent to finishing this course, understudies will have the capacity to:

Distinguish, portray and accurately actualize the proper QoS systems required to make a successful managerial approach giving QoS.

What are the prerequisites for taking this Course?

A valid CCNA certification or higher Cisco certification is recommended.

Introduction to QoS

The Need for QoS
Understanding QoS
Implementing QoS

The Building Blocks of QoS

Models for Implementing
Integrated Services Model
Differentiated Services Model
QoS Mechanisms

MQC and Cisco AutoQoS

Cisco AutoQoS VoIP
Cisco AutoQoS for the Enterprise

Classification and Marking

Using MQC for Classification
Using MQC for Class-Based Marking
Using NBAR for Classification
Configuring QoS Preclassify
Configuring QoS Policy Propagation via BGP
Configuring LAN Classification and Marking
QoS in the Life of a Packet

Congestion Management

Queuing Implementations
Configuring FIFO and WFQ
Configuring CBWFQ and LLQ
Configuring LAN Congestion Management

Congestion Avoidance

Configuring Class-Based Weighted RED
Configuring Explicit Congestion Notification

Traffic Policing and Shaping

Configuring Class-Based Policing
Configuring Class-Based Shaping
Configuring Class-Based Shaping on Frame Relay Interfaces
Frame Relay Voice-Adaptive Traffic Shaping and Fragmentation

Link Efficiency Mechanisms

Configuring Class-Based Header Compression
Configuring Link Fragmentation and Interleaving

QoS Best Practices

Traffic Classification Best Practices
Deploying End-to-End QoS
Providing QoS for Security

  1. Who are the instructors?
    Our instructors are having real time experience in IT industry and good teaching experience with relevant skill set. The course will teach with real time scenario.
  2. How long is each course?
    As per mentioned in the course outline and will finish it.
  3. What kind of time commitment is required?
    As Per given schedule we will finish it the course. If any case of delay we will take the extra sessions.
  4. I am not able to access the online course, whom do I contact for a solution?
    You could raise a request on our Help & Blog, or direct reach out to get an instant solution.
  5. Is a practice test included with my online training?
    Yes, we will provide test instance for 2 months and as per customer interest we will extend.
  6. How do I get in touch with my Instructor?
    You can touch with through phone, web conference and mail after taking the course.
  7. How do I enroll in the Course program?
    You can enroll for the program on our website and make an online payment using any of these options.
    Visa Credit or Debit card
    American Express
    Once the online payment is done, you will automatically receive a payment receipt and access information, via email.

At the end of this course, you will receive a course completion certificate which certifies that you have successfully completed GoLogica training in QoS technology.

You will get certified in QoS by clearing the online examination with a minimum score of 70%.

To help you prepare for a certification exam, we shall provide you a simulation exam and a practice exam.

An average salary of a Qos expert ranges from A$61k - $67k monthly

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Gologica has found the best way to teach courses easily and they have been doing it really good and I like their methods of teaching.
Was not satisfied completely with the course, more materials must be provided.
Before I started this course I dint have interest but later as I kept on going with it I felt it interesting and now I m happy that this has made a major change in my career. Thanks GoLogica.
All the training videos in the QoS training have been created by professionals giving learners an edge in the real world and I have extensively benefited from it.