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GoLogica’s Oracle Access manager Certification course will help you to become an expert as we offer your 12 core Identity and Access Management skills. Oracle Access Manager is Oracle’s recommended Single Sign on (SSO) solution to integrate with business application like People Soft, Siebel, and OBIEE, Fusion middle ware products or Order E-business suite.

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Oracle Access Manager is Oracle’s recommended Single Sign on (SSO) solution to integrate with business application like People Soft, Siebel, and OBIEE, Fusion middle ware products or Order E-business suite. The need for companies to implement a single Sign On solution has become very much essential due to the increase in web applications requiring users to remember too many passwords and also the integration with cloud applications like Sales force applications (Saas) and Oracle Fusion applications.

GoLogica’s Oracle Access manager Certification course will help you to become an expert as we offer your 12 core Identity and Access Management skills.  By the end of the OAM course, you will be a skilled OAM professional and you will be able to ready yourself as per the industry’s demands for Oracle Access Manager (OAM).

With GoLogica’s Oracle Access Manager (OAM) course, you will get access to all the required course material, certification support, sample questions and also live projects. Our expert trainers and support staff will guide you to develop all the required skills and knowledge to be an industry expert OAM.

What you will learn in Oracle Access Manager Course?

GoLogica’s Oracle Access Manager(OAM) course will help you learn – Overview and architecture, installation and configuration, Admin console, webgate, web servers/OHS, Disaster recovery, Integration with Fusion, Saas, OAM OID, LDAP Server OID, Single Sign Off, Cookies management, Troubleshooting and Administration.

Who should take this Oracle Access Manager training?

Oracle DBAs and people working already working on oracle apps and looking for career growth can do this course. Oracle Apps DBAs with OIM / OAM experience are always paid high and work on integrating E-Business Suite with OIM for user provisioning & OAM for Single Sign-On. Once you learn OAM, you can use this skill to manage Identity (Provisioning, Role Management etc) in an enterprise.

What are the prerequisites for taking the Oracle Access Manager training?

There are no prerequisites required for this certification. However, some basic knowledge of Linux will help. But, if you are new to Linux, we can help you start from the basics and take you through the certification.

Why should you go for the Oracle Access Manager course?

There will always be demand for certified Oracle Access Manager (OAM) professionals as companies continuously move to latest and simplified solutions to support their apps and servers. Majority of the companies use Oracle solutions to maintain their servers. And with the timely release of patches upgraded versions, companies sooner or later move from older version to newer ones. Certified oracle professionals are always required to manage and maintain the huge ERP.

Salary as per Market

According to Glassdoor latest reports, Oracle Access Manager is paid around $ 970k to $ 1150k.
Oracle Identity Management
Access Manager Platform 11gR2
Oracle Access Management
Oracle Access Manager 11gR2: Deployment Overview
Salient Features of OAM
OAM 11g Architecture
SSO Login Processing with OAM Agents
Installation and Configuration
Configuration Wizard: Templates
OAM 11g R1 Runtime Architecture
Management Interfaces
Session Management
Session Management in OAM Console
Oracle Coherence in Session Management
Usability and Lifecycle Management Enhancements
Usability and Lifecycle Management Enhancements: Operational Metrics
Windows Native Authentication
Access Manager 11gR2 Policy Model
AuthZ Policy Management
Access Manager 11gR2 Policy Model Enhancements
AuthZ Policy Model Enhancements
Centralized Agent Management
Auditing and Logging
Embedded Credential Collection
Detached Credential Collector
Rich ADF-Based UI
Password Management
Global Password Policy
Connection Simulator: Access Tester 11g
Access Tester Tool
Scalable  Deployment Models
Multi-Datacenter Support
Oracle and Third-Party Integrations
REST-Based Policy Admin APIs
Java SDK and Extensibility Framework

Domain Diagram, Domain Restrictions, Server, Administration Server, Managed Server Interaction between the Administration Server and Managed Servers, What Is a Machine?, WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST), WLST Modes, WLST: Example

Oracle Fusion Middleware Home and Oracle WebLogic Server Home, Oracle Home, Installing and Configuring Oracle Access Management: Sequence of Steps, Wizards: Installation Versus Configuration, System Requirements for Oracle Access Management 11g R2(, Road Map, Oracle WebLogic Server 11g R1 PS 5 (10.3.6) Installation, GUI Mode Installation, Choosing or Creating a Home Directory, Registering for Support, Choosing an Installation Type and Products, Choosing the JDK and Product Directory, Installation and Summary, QuickStart, Console and Silent Mode Installations, Postinstallation: Middleware Home, Oracle WebLogic Server Directory Structure, Setting Environment Variables, Installing Oracle Database, Creating Schemas by Using RCU

Welcome and Prerequisite Checks, Installation Location and Summary, Progress Bar and Installation Complete

Creating Domain and Domain Source, Domain and Administrator Settings, Server Start Mode, JDK, Configuring JDBC Component Schema ,Administration and Managed Servers, Clusters and Machines Assigning Servers to Machines and Target Deployments, Target Services, RDBMS Security Store, Configuration Summary and Creating Domain, Configuring OHS for Oracle WebLogic Server, Configuration Wizard: Extending Domain and Domain Source, Configuring the Database Security Store, Starting Oracle Access Manager, Validating a Successful Installation and Configuration, Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console, Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console: Server Status, OAM_Server1: Applications Deployed, AdminServer: Applications Deployed, Oracle Access Manager, Administration Console, Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, Relationship Between Farm and Domain, Starting the Servers and Sanity Check, Uninstalling Oracle WebLogic Servern, Uninstalling the Oracle Identity and Access Management Oracle Home, Uninstalling Oracle Common Home and Deleting Domain Home

Objectives, Configuring Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) 11g, Servers, Creating and Deleting a New Managed Server, Managing Servers, Individual Server Properties, Coherence Properties, OAM Proxy, Managing Servers from WLS Admin Console and Command Line, Agents, Introduction to DCC, Main Benefits/Drivers, Deployment View and Request Flow with DCC, Deployment View and Request Flow with DCC/RWG, Login Application/Pages Deployment Choices in OAM 11g R1, Canonical Custom Login Application Deployment in OAM 11g R2, Different DCC Deployment Architecture, Single Step Versus Multistep Authentication Flow, Configuring WebGate For DCC, Authentication Policy, Scheme, and, Module, Authentication Scheme and Module, DCC, RWG, AuthN Scheme Parameters, Authentication Policy, Multifactor Authentication, Informational Error Message Reporting, Informational Error Message, Reporting Sample Authentication Module/Login, Error Processing, Logout Configuration, Default Login/Logout Pages, From ECC to DCC Switch, Diagnosability, WebGate Provisioning and Installation, Installing and Configuring WebGate 11g, Installing, Creating, and Configuring an OAM 11g WebGate, Registering Agents, Creating or Registering OAM Agents by Using OAM Console, Viewing and Editing OAM Agent Registration by Using OAM Console, In-Band Versus Out-of-Band Registration of, Agents, Registration Tool, Output Files, Registration Tool, Request File, Sample Request File: Short, Version, Key Request Parameters, Request File: Parameter Guidelines, In-Band Registration Using the oamreg Tool, Out-of-Band Registration Using the oamreg Tool, Remote Registration: Common Issues, Registering Agents: OAM Console, In-Band, Out-Of-Band Modes, IAMSuiteAgent Topology, General Features of IAMSuiteAgent, IAMSuiteAgent Configuration, WLS Agent Configuration: ControlFlag, WLS Agent Configuration: Provider’s Configuration, Resources Protected via WLS Agent, User Identity Store, Data Repositories, User Identity Store: WLS Embedded LDAP Server, User Identity Store: Managing LDAP, Servers, Testing LDAP Connection, WLS Embedded LDAP, OID as LDAP Store, WLS Agent Keystore, Securing Communication Between WebGate and OAM Server, Generating Private Key, Certificate Request, and Downloading Certificates from CA for WebGate, Configuring WebGate to Use Certificates, Generating Private Key, Certificate Request, and Downloading Certificates from CA for OAM Server, Configuring OAM Server to Use Certificates, SSL Enabling WebGate and OAM 11g Server

Objectives, Resource Types, Custom Types and Operations, Shared Components: Host Identifier, Access Control, Authentication, Authorization, AuthZ: OES 11g: R1 Versus R2, AuthZ: Configuration File Elements for Policy, Authentication Module, Authentication Module Features, Step-Up Authentication Feature, Shared Components: Authentication Schemes, Background: Limitations in R1, Conceptual Differences Between OAM 11g R1 and R2 AuthZ Policy Construct, Conditions, Rules, Simple Rule Mode, Expression Rule Mode, Special Characters and Examples, Policy Model: LDAP Search Filter, LDAP Search Filter, Multiple IP4 Ranges, Attribute Condition, Example, AuthN Policies, AuthZ Policies Resource, Wildcard Patterns, URL Query String Parameter List, Resource Matching Algorithm, Path Matching, Path Matching: Examples, Query String Matching, Query String Matching: Examples, Operation Matching, Authentication Policies, Authorization Policies, What Are Responses?, Responses, Response Expressions,, Response: Examples, Response Providers Authorization Condition and Rules, Application, Domain, Conceptual Relationships for Policy Objects, Policy Administration APIs, Request and Response Resource URL, OAM Policy Artifacts Managed Through REST Interface, URLs for Policy Artifacts, Error Codes, Resource URL: Example, Policy Administration REST WADL File, How to Run CURL Commands:, Examples, Get an Application Domain, Create an Application Domain, Create a Resource and Retrieve All Resources from App Domain: Examples, Retrieve AuthN Scheme: Examples Protecting Resources by Using Application Domains

Objectives, Oracle Access Manager Single Sign-On, Oracle Access Manager Single Sign-On Scenario, Oracle Access Manager Single Logout Scenario, Session and Cookie Creation in Authentication,Session and Cookie Usage After Successful Authentication, The OAM Session and the OAM_ID Cookie, Agent Cookies, Single Sign-On Cookie Reference, Cookie and Communication Security, Session and Cookies in, Single Logout, Session Life Cycle, Session Timeouts, Session Caching and Persistence, Configuring Single Sign-On: Overview, Default Login Page, Options for Displaying the Single Sign-On Login Page by Using, Form Based Authentication, Configuring an Authentication Scheme for a Customized Login Page, Customizing Logout, Configuring Session Management Options, Managing Sessions, Road Map, Windows Native Authentication, User Validation Replaces Credential Collection, Configuring an Oracle Access Manager Deployment for WNA, Examining Single Sign-On and Managing Sessions

Objectives, Java EE Authentication and Authorization, Using OAM for Perimeter Authentication and, Authorization with a WebGate, Using OAM for Perimeter Authentication Without a WebGate, Identity Assertion Providers, Oracle Access Manager Identity Assertion Provider, OAM Identity Assertion Provider Event Sequence, OAM Authenticator, Using an Identity Assertion Provider

Objectives, Auditing and Logging: Overview, Fusion Middleware Audit Framework, Audit Output Options, Audit Architecture Using a Database as the Audit Store, Deploying Auditing Using a Database as the Audit Store, Audit Settings, Examples of Audited Events, Examples of Data Recorded When an Audited Event Occurs, Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, Deploying BI Publisher to Support FMW Audit Framework and Oracle Access Manager Reports, Generating Oracle BI Publisher Reports, Administrator Tasks: Logging, Logging Configuration Objects, Log Levels, Oracle Access Manager Loggers and Log Level Inheritance, Log Handler Settings, Logging Configuration Tools, Viewing the Logging Configuration by Using FMW Control, Modifying Log Level by Using FMW Control, Creating or Configuring Log Handlers by Using FMW Control, Using the WLST Tool to Configure Logging, Locating Log Files, Viewing and Downloading Log Files by Using FMW Control, Road Map, Log Files from Related Products in an Oracle Access Manager Deployment

Objectives, Access Tester, Use Cases: Access Tester, Access Tester Simulating Steps 1, 3, 5, 6 of Agent and OAM Server Interaction, Access Tester: Core Functionality, Access Tester Architecture, Output Files and Security Features, Starting Access Tester, System Properties, Access Tester Console, Test Cases and Test Scripts, Using weblogic.Admin Utility to Check the State of Servers, Examining Admin Server and Managed Server Logs, WebLogic Admin Server and Managed Server Thread Dump, Agent and Server Monitoring, OAM Proxy Errors, Configuration Data, Top Problem Areas, LDAP Server, OAM Runtime Servers, Agent-Side Issues, Runtime DB Issues, Admin Change Propagation and Activation, Policy Repository DB Issues, Road Map, WLST Architecture, Offline and Online Modes, Executing WLST Commands Python Script with an Embedded WLST Command to Create an Identity Store WLST Commands for OAM 11g, Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, FMW Control:, Performance Overview, Topology, MBean Browserm, How to Re-register an Agent from the OAM Console, Working with Access Tester, WLST, and FMW Control

Objectives, Custom Requirements for Authentication and Authorization Services, Access SDK, Oracle, Access Manager Clients, Developing and Deploying AccessGates: Overview, Preparing Systems for, AccessGate Development and Deployment, Developing the AccessGate, Access SDK API Usage in an AccessGate, Access SDK Support in Oracle Access Manager 11g, What Is ASDK and Why Use It?, Benefits of Java-Based OAM11g ASDK, Installing and Configuring ASDK, Deploying Access Clients in an OAM Environment, ASDK Java Documentation, Basics of AuthN Plug-Ins, Initialize and Process Methods, Basics of AuthN Plug-Ins, Custom AuthN Plug-Ins, AuthN Plug-Ins Deployment, Using Plug-Ins: Managing the Plug-In Life Cycle, Custom AuthN Module Using Plug-Ins, Plug-Ins Orchestration, AuthN Scheme Using the Module, Development Approach: Decision Point Versus Hard Coded

RSA SecurID: Overview, Configuration: High Level, Configuration: Details, Troubleshooting, Working with Custom AuthN Plug-ins and Custom DCC Login Page

Our trainers are Highly experienced in implementing real-time solutions on different Scenarios and Expert in their professionals.

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through this training and we will share the recordings of each session/class.

Trainer will Provide Detailed installation of required software through LMS to the students we support by providing Training and practical in real time experience with all utilities required for completely understanding of this Training.

Yes, there are some group discount are available only if group contain more than 2 Or more participates.

Basic Hard ware requirement is useful to install Software

We provide Training in a Real Time Projects Oriented

Yes we will Schedule a Demo Session as per the student convenient by sharing LIVE Online Streaming access either through GoToMeeting or WebEx.

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If you are enrolled in classes and you have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be done within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 15 days of prior request

As we are one of the Best Oracle Access Manager online Training Provider we have customer throughout the world wide specially from UK, USA, UAE, Australia, Qatar, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Doha, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Wellington, Auckland Middle East Countries and other parts of the world

We are also located in USA Offering Oracle Access Manager online Training in Cities like New York, New jersey, Dallas, Seattle, Baltimore, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Peoria, Honolulu, Columbus, Raleigh, Nashville, Plano, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Saint John, Vancouver, Richmond, Mississauga, Saskatoon, Kingston, Kelowna, Houston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Edison, Jacksonville, Towson, Salt Lake City, Davidson, Murfreesboro, Atlanta, Alexandria, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Franklin, Tacoma, California, Bellevue, Austin, Charlotte, Garland, Raleigh-Cary, Boston, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Gilbert.

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At the end of this course, you will receive a course completion certificate which certifies that you have successfully completed GoLogica training in Oracle Access Manager(OAM) technology.

You will get certified in Oracle Access Manager by clearing the online examination with a minimum score of 70%.

To help you prepare for a certification exam, we shall provide you a simulation exam and a practice exam.


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Here in GoLogica the way of Teaching is very clear and they provide real time projects. Here Trainers have more patience they try to clear our all doubts.There are many tricks and tips offered by the instructor. Instructors are highly knowledgeable.

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