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GoLogica offers Oracle Exadata Online Training is Data appliance, Oracle Exadata is pre configured cluster data sever. The first version of Oracle Exadata created in 2008.It was collaboration between Oracle Corporation and Hewlett Packard. Oracle Exadata is world’s fastest Database machine.

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GoLogica offers Exadata Training is Data appliance, Oracle Exadata is pre configured cluster data sever. The first version of Oracle Exadata created in 2008.It was collaboration between Oracle Corporation and Hewlett Packard. Oracle Exadata is world’s fastest Database machine. Oracle Exadata is best platform for all database workloads. Exadata Training Eliminates long-standing trade-off between Scalability, Availability, and Cost. The Exadata machine created by oracle and software by sun. Oracle Exadata Training is a best platform for All database workloads. Exadata is a fully managed service. We can also build a lot of applications without writing any code.

Oracle Exadata online Training are designed & directed in a systematic approach by the Oracle Exadata-expert trainers that makes it very easy to acquire and expand Exadata skills quickly. So, you can begin the working in the oracle Exadata once you complete the training successfully

An one condition that in deep knowledge on a Exadata which focuses on all the crucial elements of Exadata will be provided by our trainer. Finally, you can enhance your visible appearance and grow your efficiency between different components of Exadata. You will also get the complete material covering all the aspects of this project.

Oracle Exadata Training is Data appliance. Oracle Exadata is pre configured cluster data sever. The first version of Oracle Exadata created in 2008. It was collaboration between Oracle Corporation and Hewlett Packard. The world’s fastest Database machine is Oracle Exadata .The best platform for all database workloads is Oracle Exadata . Oracle Exadata Training Eliminates long-standing trade-off between Scalability, Availability, and Cost. The best platform for All database workloads is Exadata DBA Online Training. Exadata is a fully managed service.

GoLogica Training is a premier global training provider in online training for different IT specializations. A state-of-the art training facility, GoLogica in Bangalore is known for its in-depth and practical work- oriented curriculum. We usually suggest organizations as well as professionals keeping their commitment to provide world-class education in the best online setups.

Oracle’s definite database mechanism that is recognized for its not matched attainment is Oracle Exadata . Oracle Exadata is a simple to deploy mechanism that is capable of hosting Oracle database and improve its performance to the best available levels.

The Oracle Exadata online training from GoLogica in Bangalore does justice to all the aspects and features of this superior product. Oracle Exadata allows students to learn and put in a practical and effective use of Oracle Exadata. Have a quick glance at the course summary below for more details

What should you learn in Oracle Exadata Online Training?

  • List the key capabilities and features of Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server.
  • Initially configure Exadata Database Machine.
  • Implement Exadata Storage Server security.
  • Use query execution plans, statistics and wait events to examine Exadata Smart Scan.
  • Describe various options and best-practice recommendations for consolidation on Exadata Database Machine.
  • Describe what Exadata is and how it’s different from traditional database storage.
  • Maintain, monitor and optimize Database Machine after initial configuration.

Who should take Oracle Exadata Online training?

  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • Database Administrators
  • Database Designers
  • System Administrator
  • Technical Administrator

Why should we go for Oracle Exadata training?

ORACLE EXADATA Course Objectives Describe the key capabilities of Exadata and Database Machine Identify the benefits of using Database Machine for different application classes Describe the architecture of Database Machine and its integration with Oracle Database, Cluster ware and ASM Complete the initial configuration of Database Machine Describe various recommended approaches for migrating to Database Machine Configure Exadata I/O Resource Management Monitor Database Machine.                                     


General storage and systems administration

Salary as per Market

The average salary for Assistant Senior Exadata is $90.8K PM


  • Course Objectives
  • Audience and Prerequisites
  • Course Contents
  • Terminology
  • Additional Resources
  • Introducing the Laboratory Environment

Exadata Database Machine Overview

  • Introducing Database Machine
  • Introducing Exadata Storage Server
  • Exadata Storage Server Architecture: Overview
  • Exadata Storage Server Features: Overview
  • Exadata Storage Expansion Racks
  • InfiniBand Network
  • Database Machine Support: Overview

Exadata Database Machine Architecture

  • Database Machine Architecture: Overview
  • Database Machine Network Architecture
  • InfiniBand Network Architecture
  • InfiniBand Network Topology
  • Interconnecting Multiple Racks
  • Database Machine Software Architecture: Overview
  • Disk Storage Entities and Relationships

Key Capabilities of Exadata Database Machine

  • Classic Database I/O and SQL Processing Model
  • Exadata Smart Scan Model
  • Exadata Smart Storage Capabilities
  • Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • Exadata Smart Flash Cache
  • Exadata Storage Index
  • Database File System
  • I/O Resource Management

Exadata Database Machine Initial Configuration

  • Database Machine Implementation: Overview
  • Database Machine Site Preparation
  • Using Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant
  • Choosing the Right Disk Redundancy Setting
  • Configuring Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • The Result After Installation and Configuration
  • Supported Additional Configuration Activities

Exadata Storage Server Configuration

  • Exadata Storage Server Administration: Overview
  • Testing Storage Server Performance Using CALIBRATE
  • Configuring the Exadata Cell Server Software
  • Starting and Stopping Exadata Cell Server Software
  • Configuring Cell Disks and Grid Disks
  • Configuring ASM and Database Instances to Access Exadata Cells
  • Reconfiguring Exadata Storage
  • Exadata Storage Security Implementation

I/O Resource Management

  • I/O Resource Management Concepts
  • IORM Architecture
  • Getting Started with IORM
  • Enabling Intradatabase Resource Management
  • Setting Database I/O Utilization Limits
  • Interdatabase Plans and Database Roles
  • Using Database I/O Metrics
  • IORM and Exadata Storage Server Flash Memory

Recommendations for Optimizing Database Performance

  • Flash Memory Usage
  • Influencing Caching Priorities
  • Choosing the Flash Cache Mode
  • Compression Usage
  • Index Usage
  • ASM Allocation Unit Size
  • Minimum Extent Size
  • Exadata Specific System Statistics

Using Smart Scan

  • Exadata Smart Scan: Overview
  • Smart Scan Requirements
  • Monitoring Smart Scan in SQL Execution Plans
  • Smart Scan Join Processing with Bloom Filters
  • Other Situations Affecting Smart Scan
  • Exadata Storage Server Statistics: Overview
  • Exadata Storage Server Wait Events: Overview

Consolidation Options and Recommendation

  • Consolidation: Overview
  • Different Consolidation Types
  • Recommended Storage Configuration for Consolidation
  • Alternative Storage Configurations
  • Cluster Configuration Options
  • Isolating Management Roles
  • Schema Consolidation Recommendations
  • Maintenance Considerations

Migrating Databases to Exadata Database Machine

  • Migration Best Practices: Overview
  • Performing Capacity Planning
  • Database Machine Migration Considerations
  • Choosing the Right Migration Path
  • Logical Migration Approaches
  • Physical Migration Approaches
  • Post-Migration Best Practices
  • Migrating to Database Machine Using Transportable Table spaces

Bulk Data Loading using Oracle DBFS

  • Bulk Data Loading Using Oracle DBFS: Overview
  • Preparing the Data Files
  • Staging the Data Files
  • Configuring the Staging Area
  • Configuring the Target Database
  • Loading the Target Database

Exadata Database Machine Platform Monitoring Introduction

  • Monitoring Technologies and Standards
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
  • Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)
  • Exadata Storage Server Metrics, Thresholds, and Alerts
  • Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)
  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
  • Enterprise Manager Database Control

Configuring Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to Monitor Exadata Database Machine

  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Architecture: Overview
  • Cloud Control Monitoring Architecture for Exadata Database Machine
  • Configuring Cloud Control to Monitor Exadata Database Machine
  • Pre-discovery Configuration and Verification
  • Deploying the Oracle Management Agent
  • Discovering Exadata Database Machine
  • Discovering Additional Targets
  • Post-discovery Configuration and Verification

Monitoring Exadata Storage Servers

  • Exadata Metrics and Alerts Architecture
  • Monitoring Exadata Storage Server with Metrics and Alerts
  • Isolating Faults with
  • Monitoring Exadata Storage Server with Enterprise Manager: Overview
  • Monitoring Hardware Failure and Sensor State
  • Monitoring Exadata Storage Server Availability
  • Comparing Metrics Across Multiple Storage Servers

Monitoring Exadata Database Machine Database Servers

  • Monitoring Database Servers: Overview
  • Monitoring Hardware
  • Monitoring the Operating System
  • Monitoring Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Monitoring Oracle Database
  • Monitoring Oracle Management Agent
  • Database Monitoring with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

Monitoring the InfiniBand Network

  • InfiniBand Network Monitoring: Overview
  • InfiniBand Network Monitoring with
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Switches
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Switch Ports
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Ports
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Fabric:
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Fabric:

Monitoring Other Exadata Database Machine Components

  • Monitoring the Cisco Ethernet Switch
  • Monitoring the Sun Power Distribution Units
  • Monitoring the KVM Switch

Other Useful Monitoring Tools

  • Exachk: Overview
  • Running Exachk
  • Exachk Daemon
  • DiagTools: Overview
  • Using ADRCI on Exadata Storage Servers
  • Imageinfo: Overview
  • Imagehistory: Overview
  • OSWatcher: Overview

Backup and Recovery

  • Using RMAN with Database Machine
  • General Recommendations for RMAN
  • Disk-Based Backup Strategy
  • Disk-Based Backup Recommendations
  • Disk-Based Backup on
  • Tape-Based Backup Strategy
  • Tape-Based Backup Architecture and Recommendations
  • Backup and Recovery of Database Machine Software

Exadata Database Machine Maintenance Tasks

  • Database Machine Maintenance: Overview
  • Powering Database Machine Off and On
  • Safely Shutting Down a Single Exadata Storage Server
  • Replacing a Damaged Physical Disk
  • Replacing a Damaged Flash Card
  • Moving All Disks from One Cell to Another
  • Using the Exadata Cell Software Rescue Procedure

Exadata Database Machine: Patching, Automated Support Ecosystem & Cloud Service Overview

  • Introducing Exadata Cloud Service
  • Service Configuration Options & Service Connection Options
  • Service Architecture & Availability
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Storage Configuration & Management Details
  • Simple Web-Based Provisioning & Management
  • Migrating to Exadata Cloud Service

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At the end of this course, you will receive a course completion certificate which certifies that you have successfully completed GoLogica training in Oracle Exadata technology.

You will get certified in Oracle Exadata by clearing the online examination with a minimum score of 70%.

To help you prepare for a certification exam, we shall provide you a simulation exam and a practice exam.


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thank Gologica trainer helping me to know the concepts making me to understand in easy way


Thanks for supporting me to complete excadata online training and helping me to understand in easy way thank you Gologica


This is a fabulous course it was a astonishing experience behind the lectures. It was a tiny vanguard to learn at first but subsequently after contacting the teachers a few period to define my doubts it was a deeply easy thanks to the staff

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